WATCH ON DEMAND: Board Crisis Preparedness

The past year has highlighted the need for Boards to be agile in their response to crises, in order to support and guide management in a time of upheaval and business transformation.

Many boards have adapted well, while others are still adjusting to the changed business environment, so how can your Board continue to strengthen its effectiveness in this area and be better prepared for future crises?

In this webinar we,

  • examine why it is important for Boards to take an active role in crises,
  • look at learnings from the past year on how Boards have been on the front-foot of helping managements manage through multiple crises, and
  • look at different techniques that can prepare Boards for this role and help them to stay effective in this area.

Thank you to our Speakers:
- Raymond Baker, Faculty - Non-Executive Director Diploma of Financial Times
- Aliza Knox, Tech Exec, Non Exec Director, Senior Advisor
- Vivian Lines, Member of the Advisory Board, FT Board Director Programme at Financial Times
- Chris Moon, Asia Director of Financial Times