Joining the Dots: How Building Connections in the British Chamber Network Helps Businesses of all Sizes

Irrespective of the scale or international reach of a company, all businesses operate within their own cycle of priorities and goals, obstacles and opportunities.

For small business owners, commonality across industries can be found in manpower needs, financial constraints, Covid-related issues, sharp growth trajectories and the need to expand on existing personal networks. Operating in Singapore for more than sixty years, the British Chamber has long been supporting small businesses to grow through establishing a continually refreshed community of like-minded business leaders and owners. As the current Chair of our Startup, Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee, Vanessa Errington, Founder and Owner of Total Health Chiropractic says –

“[The Committee] is an amazing collaboration and sharing of like-minded individuals. We really support each other within our monthly meetings and outside of these. And also, we have the British Chamber support, which has been really invaluable during the COVID pandemic, particularly for small business owners who have had to go through a lot of stress.”

For SMEs and startups, membership of the British Chamber enables them to raise their brand profile in an expedited timeline which may not otherwise be possible. As one example, the Chamber allows any member company, regardless of scale, to publish their thought leadership and interviews on our respected magazine, digital and podcast channels – an opportunity not typically available to a new business outside of a community such as ours. Additional opportunities for small businesses include offering exclusive discounts to our entire network for business development, participating in industry or topical committees, gaining public speaking experience in events, and promoting the brand as a successful startup in our Annual Business Awards.

“Joining the British Chamber was one of the best decisions I made because it's been a great place to get to know people and become part of a vibrant business community.” - Don Rapley, Founder, Transform Your Conversations (TYC)

Beyond promotion and peer recognition, we recognise that small businesses need a greater level of attention and support in their early growth stages. In the past few years of the pandemic, the British Chamber has championed the needs of the small business community in our advocacy efforts to ensure their voice is heard and equally respected.

For more mature businesses and multinational corporations (MNCs), the needs of professionals can look a little different. While the business is established, leaders in this category recognise that valuable connections can be formed between individuals from any industry and business function. Networking, business development, profiling and learning opportunities for departmental leaders, and those identified as future C-suite candidates, are front of mind. Beyond the leadership track, the British Chamber can support large organisations to extend member benefits across their entire Singapore employee base, with discounts, event attendance, skills development and confidence-building opportunities for all who get involved.  

“Perhaps the most valuable experience from being a member of the Chamber has been the opportunity to share learnings and challenges with my peers, and to understand that people are going through the same challenges as myself (especially during the Covid-period) and are increasingly adapting in innovative ways and sharing these experiences.” - Oliver Brandwood, Commercial Director, Innovation, APAC, Diageo

People and impact-related issues such as recruitment, retention and CSR are high on the agenda for larger businesses, which we support through extensive advocacy, Government connectivity and content for an audience of all businesses on our five key themes - the Future of Work, the Future of Trade, Diversity and Inclusion, Education and Learning, and the Road to Net Zero

Within our network of 3,200+ individuals, the desire to connect and collaborate rings true in every edition of our member surveys, as the opportunities for networking and business development top the priority rankings. To deliver support and services our members will find valuable, it is essential that we understand their business. This is why we proactively encourage calls, meetings and coffee catchups with businesses so that we can keep informed on any obstacles or goals on their horizon, and connect the dots to other businesses in our network that may be beneficial.

“If you're thinking about joining the Chamber, I can thoroughly endorse it, thoroughly recommend it. You'll get a lot out of it personally and you'll get a lot out of it for your organisations. Put in what you want to get. If it's just a chat, you'll get something. If it's a chat and more, you'll get a lot of value out of it.” – Simon Middlebrough, CEO, Singapore Aero Engine Services Ltd (SAESL)

Existing members can find out how to utilise their existing brand awareness benefits here. If you are interested in joining the British Chamber, contact the membership team or complete an enquiry form to schedule a conversation. 

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