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Academics play a huge role in your children’s future, however, many often forget that having a linear education system simply won’t cut it in today’s world.

Joe Tofield and Don Rapley discuss the evolution and future of work with our Official Future of Work Partners, Globalization Partners.

Health & Wellbeing

Of course we are living longer nowadays, but where’s the evidence to suggest that older people today are living in better health than their parents. The sad fact remains that 80% suffer from at least one chronic condition. Basically, we’ve done a pretty poor job at looking after ourselves, and in this increasingly fast-paced, uber-modern world it’s time that we take a fresh look at ‘how we age’.

Road to Net Zero

Read the ASEAN Sustainability Report, created by Bain, Temasek and Microsoft, released in the Ecosperity event.

Future of Work

Whilst relocation certainly needs to be planned for financially, there is a lot to organise in the run up to the move (as well as after). Culture shock is an often-overlooked issue. If you are a British national returning home, you may be coming back to a country which is very different to the one you left, and your life experiences will tend to be very different to those around you

Financial Markets
Health & Wellbeing

In a statement to the House of Commons on 7th September, Boris Johnson announced the implementation of the Health and Social Care Levy, which will begin to apply from 1st April 2022. The purpose of the levy is a laudable one, providing extra ringfenced funding (estimated at GBP 36bn over the first three years) to front-line NHS operations, including nurses’ salaries. No one can reasonably deny ...


Hawksford’s 2021 Singapore Business Outlook report looks at Singapore business trends over 2020 and is a must-read for anyone considering starting a business or expand into the thriving markets of Asia.


The new report identifies emerging geopolitical risks and providing businesses with practical advice on how to mitigate them.

Andrew Gilholm, Principal and Director of Analysis, addresses fears about an anti-business backlash in China.


In this article long-term member Cecilia Leong-Faulkner interviews Robin Kermode about the importance of communicating as a leader.