WATCH ON DEMAND: Marketing & Communications Strategies During COVID-19

On 7th April 2020 BritCham Singapore's Marketing & Communications Committee brought together a panel of experts to discuss strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speakers included Andrew Clark (AsiaWorks), Luc Delauzun (Simmons & Simmons JWS), Iain Twine (Harrup Advisory), Suzy Goulding (MullenLowe salt), and Julia Wei (AKA Asia). For further support during this period please contact the Chair of the committee, Suzy Goulding, or Co-Chair, Andrew Clark.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Marketing objectives will shift in terms of what is achievable, send time focusing on existing client relationships and offering support;
  • Be agile and flexible in your content marketing calendar and it's associated objectives, focusing on your own channels as media platforms will be entirely COVID-19 focused for some time yet;
  • Plan for the year ahead or 2021 now;
  • Be ready to handle media enquiries if your company or workplace is brought into the COVID-19 story and stick to the facts;
  • Don't assume a level of understanding among employees, be honest and open;
  • Encourage the continuation of company culture with remote social activities but do not force them on staff;
  • If you have a global HQ to consider, make sure you know the key messages and when these will be released so that you can localise the messaging appropriately;
  • On social media be empathetic, adaptable and fast. Make sure what you say is adding value and not simply adding to the noise;
  • Spend time understanding your data to find the opportunities.

Watch the full webinar below