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Company Description: AVIATION AND AEROSPACE SERVICES Certification • Organisations (Design, Production, Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness) • Aircraft (Civil, Military, Unmanned Air and Space Vehicle), Parts, and Appliances • Changes and Repairs Engineering Investigations (Testing and Numerical Simulations) • Structures • Flight and Ground Loads • Cabin Interiors Structural Health Monitoring • Flight Loads Survey • Fleet Management Research/Collaboration with Universities/Research Centres • Composites • Experimental and Numerical Loads Measurement Coupling Techniques • Cranfield Universities, Bath University and Brunel University London • Italian Aerospace Research Centre, CIRA Italy, Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre, IVHM Cranfield University UK, and National Structural Integrity Research Centre, NSIRC UK Marketing and Feasibility Studies of Aircraft Parts, Products and Services • Business Case definition • Marketing of products for aircraft facilities (seamless conductive and static dissipative polymeric coating systems)
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