Hannah Newcombe MSc, Mental Health Professional

Hannah Newcombe MSc, Mental Health Professional

April 11, 2024
Community and Social Services
Healthcare Services

I am a dedicated Mental Health Wellbeing Practitioner with a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice. With four years of experience serving within the NHS, I've honed my clinical skills, resilience and passion for promoting mental health and well-being. 

My experiences have taught me the importance of effective communication and working collaboratively. I have a keen eye for detail, which is demonstrated through my experience of designing and conducting research, carrying out advanced statistical analysis (using SPSS and RStudio), and reporting the results for publication. I pride myself in my ability to complete tasks in a timely and efficient manor. I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a team, as well as independently. 

Having recently relocated to Singapore, I am excited about the opportunity to expand my repertoire of skills and experiences in a new environment. I am eager to contribute my knowledge and expertise, and to find an opportunity that will allow me to continue to make a meaningful impact. 

This Job Seeker Requires a Singapore Employment Pass