Meet Sangeetha Prakash of BT: Finalist for Individual Contribution in our Annual Business Awards

What's made them Finalists

From leading successful transformation projects to building employee relations and selflessly giving back to the community, Operations Lead Sangeetha Prakash continues to bring positive impact to the BT group through her  dedication in her role and care for the people around her. 

Leading Transformations 

Within her role as the account operations lead, Sangeeta received recognition for leading initiatives that reduced year on year outage by 79%, allowing smooth customer operations . With her open communication and dedication to understanding the client perspective, founding positive, trusting relationships that could bear the stress of the crises. She led improvement plans for our customers’ network and re-engineered the support model to provide improved service levels for some of BT's leading logistics clients, contributing to BT winning an opportunity to transform one of their contact centers in the coming years.

Beyond achieving goals for her clients, she actively participated in the digital transformation of BT’s internal operations by leading the global adoption of a strategic tool that standardizes management information and simplifies reporting. This was possible through classic change management practices.

Employee Engagement 

On a more intangible level, a key achievement Sangeeta feels proud of is interaction with fellow professionals, both within and outside BT. She has actively participated in cultural events in BT Singapore and curated networking sessions for the operations team, re-establishing connections that had suffered for being separated over screens. Her team also won/placed a Stellar award for ‘Service Innovation’, for which she wrote in our nomination and pushed us through the different rounds in the competition in order for her team members to gain well deserved recognition and visibility for their work.

Community Relations 

Finally, bringing a smile to those less fortunate is her most treasured achievement and allows her to look up and beyond. She has supported events with charities such as Children’s wishing well, including one where we guided children to a hotel kitchen and learnt pizza making with them and another one where they were brought to the BT office and given a glimpse of professions in BT, to give exposure and build their confidence. In a recent event, despite a knee injury, she walked 27 km to collect the $28K funds that BT donated to Red Cross. Sangeeta also qualified to become an ambassador for the Bone Marrow Donation Program in Singapore and have done outreach programs to increase awareness about Bone Marrow donation.