New member: Signal AI

Signal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to surface relevant global media coverage and distribute it to stakeholders in real-time via our software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. Our AI ingests content from over 3 million sources including online, print and broadcast, seconds after publication.

The platform lets clients optimise what they track, set-up their own real-time alerts and create bespoke reading lists. Our AI monitoring means you can track as many issues, topics, spokespeople or companies as you want. We also provide in-platform analytics that allows you to track volume, share of voice, reach, sentiment, quotes, media type and mention prominence over a 15-month rolling archive.

We have more than 500 customers including Our typical buyer sits in the PR or Communications team and is the Head of Communications / Head of Public Relations or Head of Research. VisitĀ www.signal-ai.comĀ for more information.