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Horus Security Consultancy (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd


Horus is a UK and Singapore-based security and intelligence consultancy. Our team of multilingual researchers and highly experienced investigators navigate the complex world of corporate security on a global scale, serving a diverse spectrum of clients in sectors ranging from academia to technology and banking to pharmaceuticals. We deliver security solutions drawing from a myriad of digital sources on a daily basis to better inform your business decision making. Our core offerings include:

Security Screening. Horus is a market leader in this field, due to our well-established ability to consistently discover potential insider attempts and derogatory candidate information pre-hire.

Investigations. Horus offers bespoke investigation capabilities including Dark Web, Deep Web and advanced open source intelligence (OSINT)-based research. Our team blends the experience and skills of law enforcement specialists, who possess an extensive knowledge of relevant complex criminal investigations, together with cyber savvy researchers in order to meet the needs of clients.

Insight. Horus offers an ethically sourced OSINT service for those who operate in challenging commercial environments. Our offering is based on round-the-clock monitoring of digital information which is robustly analysed, disseminated in a timely manner and stored to an evidential standard.

Consultancy. Horus can provide advice across the security spectrum in order to support strategic goals. Our proven track record has been underpinned by basic values of proportionality, integrity and pragmatism, and is closely supported by detailed research from our insight and screening teams.

Travel Security. Horus provides travel security services via two dedicated operations – Horus Global and Horus-i App, which is an intelligence dissemination platform that provides an easily accessible 24/7 information network of ‘as it happens’ alerts about events and occurrences that may impact your travel or cause you concern.

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