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TYC Transform Your Conversations


Transform Your Conversations was founded TYC is a Learning and Development Company that develops skills to transform conversations and drive business performance.
Not surprisingly, Managers who lead highly engaged teams and who deliver great results have some things in common. They know and trust their people, they get alignment around their goals and they are constantly focused on improvement and skills development. They know how to listen and ask questions, to handle challenging conversations, to coach, to mentor and to grow...
AT TYC, we develop those skills...
We do that through a mix of highly engaging and interactive learning, combined with some very practical models, tools and self assessments that ensure that Managers can take their learnings back to the workplace and continue to self-direct their own development.
We have a wide range of Conversation Programmes that can either be delivered as they are, or we work with you to understand your specific context and tailor our content to meet your needs and work with your existing business processes.
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