Meet Wirex: Finalists for Technological Impact of the Year in our Annual Business Awards

What's made them Finalists

Wirex is a worldwide digital payment platform and regulated institution that has forged new rules in the digital payments space. In 2015, the firm developed the world’s first crypto-enabled payment card that gives users the ability to seamlessly spend crypto and traditional currencies in real life.

Bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance 

In order to empower everyone to experience the benefits of the digital economy, Wirex has played an important role in bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance. Their core goal was to utilise the advantages of cryptocurrency to offer low fees, faster payments and a better user experience when compared to traditional banking services, ensuring that their services have real-world applications and use-cases that add-value to customers lives.

Their solution addresses the underserved need in the market for a seamless and secure cryptocurrency payment experience. With the growth of web3 and increased importance of user control over their digital identities and data, Wirex have focused on creating an innovative user interface, removing friction and enhancing security, privacy, and user experience. As part of this, they recognised the need to prioritise customer advocacy and loyalty by rewarding their community through exceptional digital interactions.

Digital Innovation

Wirex offers a single, intuitive platform offering neobank-like services within the Wirex app to address the limitations of traditional banks and add-value to everyday consumers lives. The custodial wallet allows users to store and spend 150+ traditional and cryptocurrencies globally using our contactless, crypto-enabled Visa debit card. They have integrated blockchain technology with mainstream banking rails to offer faster and cheaper payments, utilising partnerships to provide easy on/off-ramps and the best in-market rates, and the ultimate convenience, flexibility and security.

Throughout 2022, they created an ecosystem of wealth management features that allow users to manage their funds and grow their portfolio within the Wirex app, including Wirex Multiply, DUO, and X-Accounts Plus. Alternatively, they may choose DUO, a yield-generating product with a guaranteed return of up to 400% APR, or Wirex Multiply, allowing users to loan a portion of their assets to predict the future price of a currency, with the potential for high returns but also high risk.

Additionally, Wirex also provides huge benefits to crypto holders, offering user-friendly and secure “trading-on-the-go" from their app. From one central, intuitive location, users can buy, hold, exchange and sell 150+ traditional and cryptocurrencies, of which we are constantly expanding to allow more choice and convenience. We offer the best OTC exchange rates, integrating with 10 different exchanges and 3 OTC institutions.