Meet 8build: Finalists for Employer of the Year in our Annual Business Awards

What's made them Finalists

From providing exciting travel opportunities for work and ensuring excellence is rewarded, 8build puts their employees needs at the forefront of their organisation through creating active pathways for growth, learning, development and even opportunities for groups of employees to hold shares in the business. 

Providing opportunities for employee growth 

From our exciting apprenticeship and graduate programmes for those starting their careers, through to our Internal Training Academy that offers ongoing training and personal development opportunities for every member of our team, 8build have invested time, energy and resources to help their people become the best versions of themselves. 

Gradu8, their Graduate Training Programme offers our upcoming 8builders a tailored framework of support that helps them to develop new skills, gain access to professional memberships and receive guidance from a dedicated mentor. It is open to all degree holders, even those with a qualification outside the field of construction. 

They also prioritise personal development and supplement this through personal development planning. This is done through working with colleagues to establish aims and objectives of what their 8builders want to achieve and where they want to go, in the short, medium or long-term within their career and personal life. The process also includes addressing current realities, identifying needs for skills, knowledge or competence and selecting appropriate development activities to meet those perceived needs. 

Apart from this, they provide a wealth of different courses for staff in Singapore throughout the year. 

Shareholding for 8builders 

The 8build approach of providing “Infinite Possibilities” enables them to strive to make a difference to how they operate compared to their competition. Being a private limited business run by the original 8 founders and supported by a team of trusted employees, we are the masters of our own destiny and as such are free to implement  measures that really make a difference to their employees in Singapore.

They believe the most significant initiative is us offering the opportunity of a stake in the business through shareholding of the Company in Singapore to their Operations Team. They believe this really supports providing a solid career path and the opportunity of empowerment to actively play an important part in the running their  operations.

Providing employees with travel opportunities 

8build places importance on traveling with our clients and deliver projects overseas. This provides 8builders with the opportunity to visit countries that may not have previously visited. They have also provided their Operations Board who are also now shareholders of 8build with the opportunity to visit their London Office to meet the team to better understand the 8build culture. To further extend the opportunity with this they also offered them to invite an 8builder’s wife, husband or child to join them on the visit to share the experience. Their opportunities for travel also include offering surprise flights to those who have gone that extra mile with project delivery and with this arranged travel for staff members to fly back to their home country to surprise their loved ones.

Healthcare and wellbeing 

8build provides all 8builders with Private Healthcare through a Prestige Package providing employees with peace of mind both living in Singapore and travelling overseas. They also recognise that mental health and stress are associated with many of the leading causes of disease and disability in society and acknowledge that promoting and protecting the mental wellbeing of their workforce is important for individuals’ physical health, social wellbeing and productivity.