20th Anniversary Annual Business Awards

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Congratulations to the Winners of this year's Awards!

This year we celebrated a very special anniversary - the 20th year of our Annual Business Awards, which focused on the relationship between the UK and Singapore in this Bicentennial year. As the longest-running awards initiative by an international Chamber in Singapore, we are delighted and honoured to have had the opportunity to showcase the best of business for the past 20 years. 

This year's awards were presented to the winners in six categories and a special Future Leaders commendation award by Dr Bicky Bhangu, President of the Chamber, Her Excellency Kara Owen, the British High Commissioner and Guest of Honour, Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Communications and Information & Minister-in-Charge of Trade Relations.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us at the Awards Presentation & Gala Dinner. 

Deepest thanks to everyone who submitted their entries this year. All your entries are truly inspirational and we would like to congratulate everyone on your efforts. 

Here’s to another year of celebrating the ever-progressive business excellence within Singapore!

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Please refer to the below descriptions of each category. You may enter more than one category, please complete a new entry form each time and make sure to provide a unique entry with relevant supporting information.


Enhancing the Journey

This award recognises organisations that deliver exceptional experience through the customer journey, both online and offline. Judges will be looking for evidence that organisations have created and implemented a strategy that has benefited both the business and their customers with measurable and demonstratable results.


Start-up Excellence

This award recognises organisations who were incorporated less than 5 years ago (from 1 April 2019). Judges will be looking for organisations that showcase vast development and achievements based on growth, innovation and impact with their products/services.

Category Partner Vistra


Future Leaders


This award recognises the transformation of talent either by an individual or an organisation. Judges will recognise the cultivation and harnessing of the potential of the workforce to help them reach leadership positions and deliver the right skills for the future while achieving strategic business objectives for the organisation. This is the only category to be awarded to an individual (30 or under) or an organisation and may be entered through self-submission or by nomination. This is also applicable to organisations driving talent transformation from within or through their expertise, helping companies achieve this. 


Success in ASEAN

This award recognises success in ASEAN. Judges will be looking for companies making an impact on the national economy and workforce in one or more countries in the region, demonstrating collaboration examples and achievements in ASEAN.


Category Partner Jardine C&C


Diversity & Inclusion


This award recognises an organisation's exceptional contribution towards improving diversity and inclusion within their industry. Judges will recognise organisations that demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to equality and have delivered significant progress in both creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and pushing the inclusion agenda forwards.


Category Partner Barclays


Digital Innovation


This award represents the pinnacle of the digital revolution, encouraging and recognising those organisations who are pushing the limits of what is possible, making a difference in business, culture and society. Judges will be looking for best-in-class technology and entrants must show why their work is considered innovative.


Category Partner SC


UK Impact in Singapore


This award represents the important relationship between the UK and Singapore as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the relationship between the nations and the 20th Anniversary of the Awards. Judges will be looking for UK organisations who have made an impact on Singapore's economy and society at a business, community or CSR level, contributing to the strengthening of the UK-SG partnership. This category will feature live voting by the audience during the Gala Awards Dinner evening.



Please familiarise yourself with the following rules before submitting your entry:

  1. The Annual Business Awards are open to any business with a registered office in Singapore
  2. Companies from any sector and of any size may enter. The British Chamber of Commerce awards consider companies of all sizes on a level playing field
  3. All shortlisted finalists must commit to attend the awards ceremony event with a minimum of 5 tickets
  4. Entering more than one category is allowed, provided you meet the category criteria and submit a unique entry
  5. All entries will be automatically acknowledged
  6. Entries submitted after the closing date deadline will not be accepted unless previously agreed with the organisers as an exceptional circumstance
  7. Following the closing date, your application(s) will undergo an eligibility check and be scored against a set of benchmarking standards for shortlisting purposes
  8. In each category, no more than 5 entrants can be shortlisted as a finalist
  9. All shortlisted and unsuccessful entrants will be informed. The shortlist will be published via the British Chamber of Commerce communication channels
  10. Shortlisted finalists in the UK Impact in Singapore category must make themselves available on request for a professional video to be filmed at their location for the purposes of live voting at the awards ceremony. Any such video will remain the property of the British Chamber of Commerce and can be used in relation to the awards marketing campaign and awards ceremony production
  11. Judgement of the winning entrants will be based on the quality of the entry against the category criteria as outlined. An entrant’s previous track record in the awards, whether successful or not, will have no relevance on the outcome of the decision. The judge’s decision is final.
  12. All details provided in entries including videos will be treated as confidential for shortlisting and judging purposes, and will not be disclosed to any outside party, with the exception of professional videos created for the UK Impact in Singapore category, as outlined above
  13. Winners will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner on 3rd October 2019
  14. Award winners and shortlisted finalists will be issued with an official logo which may be used in promotional collateral
  15. All businesses are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony regardless of any status in the competition
  16. Cancellations for the awards ceremony must be received in writing no later than 1 month prior to the event, after which refunds will not be considered
  17. Attendees to the awards ceremony may transfer their ticket to a colleague from the same company by notifying helen@britcham.org.sg no later than 2 weeks prior to the event, including details of any special food requirements or accessibility requirements
  18. Special food requirements should be noted on the awards ceremony registration form at the point of booking or notified to helen@britcham.org.sg no later than 2 weeks prior to the event

What are the Annual Business Awards?

Open to all, The British Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Awards welcome applications from all business and sectors, regardless of size and industry, in a celebration of business excellence and high levels of achievement.

How do I enter and what do I need to include?

To enter, you will need to complete the entry form and submit a min. one page summary showcasing how you are impacting positive changes in your chosen category. You may provide a link to a video in addition, though this is not mandatory Submissions must be made on the British Chamber of Commerce website.

If you are entering the UK Impact in Singapore category, please note that shortlisted finalists must make themselves available for a professional video to be filmed in their location to be used for live voting at the awards ceremony.

Can I enter more than one category?

You can enter as many categories as you wish, providing you meet the set category criteria and provide a unique entry relevant to each one.

Will entries be treated confidentially?

All entries and information submitted to the Annual Business Awards are treated in the strictest of confidence and viewed only by the shortlisting committee and judges. Professional videos created for shortlisted finalists of the UK Impact in Singapore category will be made visible to the public at the awards ceremony and may form part of the British Chamber’s marketing campaign(s).

Where do I send my entry?

All entries must be submitted online.

Is there a fee to enter the awards?

Entering the Annual Business Awards is free of charge. If selected as a finalist you will be asked to purchase a minimum of 5 tickets for the awards evening.

Can I attend the awards ceremony even if I do not enter or I am not shortlisted as a finalist?

Of course, we encourage all to attend and celebrate the achievements in business excellence.

What can I expect at the awards ceremony?

The Annual Business Awards ceremony is a night to remember, regardless if you have entered or not. Your colleagues and clients will enjoy the best in hospitality, cuisine and event production with opportunities for you to get involved in live voting on the night in the category of UK Impact in Singapore.

How can I keep up to date with the latest Annual Business Awards news?

Look out for updates on the British Chamber of Commerce website, newsletters and on our social media channels.

Who should I contact with any questions?

You can contact us via the methods below:

  • Email to helen@britcham.org.sg
  • By phone on +65 62223552

Our Annual Business Awards judges are at the height of their industry to ensure our winners are the best in class. The British Chamber of Commerce maintains a formal judging process as below.

The Annual Business Awards opens for entries on 1st April 2019 and closes on 20th June 2019 when the judging process begins. All entries are eligibility checked to ensure they meet the required criteria of their category before being benchmarked for shortlisting.

Our Annual Business Awards committee consider all entries against the criteria of each category and independently judge each entry on a scoring basis. The highest scoring entries will be shortlisted as finalists in their category. Up to 5 companies may be shortlisted in each category.

Winner Selection
Our expert judges consider all shortlisted entries and make their final winner selection in each category with the exception of the UK Impact in Singapore category, which will be voted for by the audience at the awards ceremony on 3rd October 2019 with judge's weighting applied. The judge’s decision is final.