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Last updated: 26 March 2020

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Important Travel Restrictions 24 Mar 2020

As of 27 March 2020:

All travellers arriving in Singapore, including Singapore Citizens, PRs, and Long term pass holders, must submit a health declaration before proceeding with immigration clearance. Access is via the SG Arrival Card e-service and associated Apps from the iOS and Google App stores. Travellers may submit their declaration up to 3 days prior to arrival, and must re-submit if there are changes to their health condition or travel history before arriving. Travellers who do not submit in advance will be required to do so on arrival, which could delay their immigration clearance. This declaration is in addition to any requirements outlined below.

As of 24 March 2020:

Outbound Travel

Singaporeans are advised to defer all travel abroad with immediate effect.

Singapore residents and long-term pass holders who leave the country from 27 March 2020 onwards will be charged unsubsidised rates at public hospitals if they are later admitted for suspected COVID-19 after showing symptoms within 14 days of returning to Singapore. Any work pass holder or their dependents who leave the country from this date onwards will be deprioritised for entry approval and could see significant delays before they are allowed to return if they persist in travelling abroad and return infected. 

Inbound Visitors

All short-term visitors from anywhere in the world are not allowed to enter or transit through Singapore.

Inbound Work Pass Holders

The Ministry of Manpower will only allow the entry/return of work pass holders, including their dependents, for those providing essential services, such as in healthcare and transport.  All work pass holders and their dependents planning to enter/return to Singapore from any country are required to obtain MOM’s approval before they can commence their journey (see further information below). The MOM will issue an approval letter to the employee who will need to show this to the airline upon check-in and ICA upon arrival. See notes above regarding those who choose to travel after 27 March 2020 and the risks to re-entry.

Inbound Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders

All Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders returning to Singapore will be issued a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN). Those entering from the UK or US will be taken from the airport to a hotel to serve the SHN due to higher risks of spreading the virus. Singapore residents and long-term pass holders who leave the country from 27 March 2020 onwards will be charged unsubsidised rates at public hospitals if they are later admitted for suspected COVID-19 after showing symptoms within 14 days of returning to Singapore. See notes above regarding those who choose to travel 27 March 2020 and the risks to re-entry.

Swab testing

Those entering Singapore and exhibiting fever and/or other symptoms of respiratory illness are required to undergo a COVID-19 swab test at the checkpoint, regardless of travel history. Those who meet the clinical suspect case definition will be conveyed to the hospital for follow-up.

Further information on MOM approval for pass holders

All employers are strongly urged to defer bringing pass holders into Singapore.

If you need to extend the validity of the pass holders’ in-principle approval (IPA), you can do so.

Pass type Submit your request using
Work Permit WP Online.
EP, S Pass, Dependant’s Pass or LTVP Extend IPA validity request form at least 2 weeks before the IPA expires.


However, if you are unable to defer the pass holders’ arrival, you must do the following:

  1. Ensure you can fulfil the additional responsibilities to bring your work pass holders in. If they have dependants who are not issued any work passes, including Letter of Consent (LOC), they must also fulfil their responsibilities towards their dependants.
  2. Request for MOM’s approval before the pass holders can enter Singapore.
    For new or existing

    Who needs to request for entry approval

    Who is responsible to ensure SHN is observed
    Work pass holders, including those with LOC* Employer Employer and work pass holder
    DP or LTVP* holders who are not employed
    i.e. not issued a work pass, including LOC
    Local sponsor
    i.e. employer of EP or S Pass holder
    EP / S Pass holder and DP / LTVP holder

    * For foreigners whose LTVPs are issued by ICA, MOM’s entry approval is not required.

    Applications open daily from 12:01pm and close at 12pm the next day.

    Requests received during this period are for arrivals within 10 days after the application closes (e.g. for arrivals in Singapore from 17 Mar 2020 to 26 Mar 2020, you can submit the request from 15 Mar 2020, 12:01pm to 16 Mar 2020, 12pm).

    Use our entry approval calculator to plan when to submit your request.

    Applications are on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications submitted:
    • By 12pm: Will receive the outcome on the same day.
    • After 12pm: Will receive the outcome the next day.
  3. Wait for MOM’s approval before arranging for the pass holders to enter Singapore.

Note: For pass holders with Hubei-issued passports or recent travel history to Hubei, please defer their entry to Singapore as far as possible.

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