NTUC Learning Hub releases Future Jobs & Skills Report

With rapid technological advancements, evolving economic structures, and shifting societal expectations1, the job market is undergoing a significant transformation. This shift is redefining the skills that are in high demand and reshaping industries. To succeed in this new landscape brought about by Industry 4.02, it is essential to understand the skill sets required for future jobs.

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has already exerted a significant impact on various sectors, automating routine tasks and augmenting human decision-making processes3. Simultaneously, the advent of generative AI technologies, with its capability to create content, images, and even intricate pieces of text, has brought forth a new paradigm of creativity and productivity4. Therefore, technology can achieve more, and has the potential to revolutionise industries and job markets.

The Future Jobs and Skills Report 2023 builds upon insights gained from two previous reports: The New Normal of Sector Skills Report from 2020 and the Emerging Jobs and Skills Report published in 2021. In this latest edition, NTUC LearningHub continues to survey both employees and business leaders to uncover their sentiments towards jobs and skills trends. Specifically, the report looks at the future of work from a dual perspective in light of the advancements in generative AI technologies.

Additionally, the report explores job and skills trends across five industry clusters, namely Advanced Manufacturing and Trades, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Lifestyle, Modern Services, and Sustainability, Urban Systems and Connectivity. This will allow workers to identify the essential skills needed to stay relevant in the job market.

Last but not least, this report encourages employers to actively support their workforce in upskilling and reskilling through learning and development (L&D) and in doing so, create a lifelong learning culture in their organisation that fosters the growth and sustainability of their talent and business capabilities.


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Download the full report here