Why you should leave your desk and expand your network in person

Networking is a skill like any other, to be learned, mastered and taught to others

By Lucy Haydon


The purpose behind networking is really very simple… more connections = more opportunities.


Social media is important for remaining connected with ex-colleagues, clients and friends as people progress in their career over time. You never know when you may need assistance in a new area, and having people you can reach out to is valuable to your business and career.


Now that the benefits are clear, why not take it a step further and actually meet some of these new connections in a relaxed setting?


Networking events may be a difficult prospect for those who are more introverted (read tips on overcoming this here), but there are numerous reasons why you should take the extra effort to attend:


To learn something new


Many events will have an educational element, expanding your knowledge as well as your network. Conferences, seminars and even group training sessions will all have an opportunity to connect with other attendees and in some cases speakers


To build your brand


If you are working on being known as a thought leader in your area of expertise, you have to build on your personal brand and get in front of people as well as behind a screen


For inspiration


Attending events can be motivational. You may be listening to an influential speaker, meet someone who inspires you, or uncover new interests


For growth


Undoubtedly not every networking event will result in direct business, however it could help you to grow in a variety of ways beyond business development, such as in confidence, profile, knowledge, or skills


To get ahead of your competitors


If you are not a regular at the key events for your industry, there is a good chance that your competitors will take advantage of the opportunity!


To help others


People generally enjoy being in a position to introduce their contacts to a wider circle, especially when they know someone influential in the room which makes them look well-placed in the industry.


And of course the obvious reason, to socialise!


Networking is a skill like any other, to be learned, mastered and taught to others.


To attend professional and social networking events in Singapore, bookmark the British Chamber of Commerce events calendar here. Non-members are welcome to attend and get involved.



Lucy Haydon is the Membership and Communications Manager for the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore. This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse in September 2016.