Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain Business Group Update - Q1 2017

'Post-truth' is The Economist's word for 2016, they announced in January. In this post-truth era, the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Group (TLSC) is making no election-time promises. Their interest is in deliverables and facts.

Chair: Simon Petch, Watson Farley & Williams LLP
'Post-truth' is The Economist's word for 2016, they announced in January. (One could argue that's two words, so maybe they are leaving themselves with scope for 2017 as well).  I was reminded of this when discussing with my six year old daughter her election campaign to be class rep. at school. In the midst of other, worthier parts of her manifesto, she pledged that, if elected, she would fight for every lunchtime to include jelly and ice cream for pudding. She won.
In this post-truth era, the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Group (TLSC) is making no election-time promises. Our interest is in deliverables and facts. Transportation, logistics and supply chains have an impact on everyone, in almost all aspects of our lives – as individuals, as organisations, as businesses. I was thinking of trying to list some of the Chamber's members, and wider Singapore business community, to whom TLSC applies and where interests might lie, but, put simply, it's all of you to some degree. Globalisation increases the scale and complexity.  We have looked to draw on this for our kick-off event in March (of which more below).
At the time of writing, TLSC is the newest of the Chamber's Business Groups. We formed in November 2016. We have adopted, as our mission statement, the following:
To provide British Chamber of Commerce members and the wider Singapore business community with a forum in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors:
  • To meet and develop contacts;
  • To share information and know-how;
  • To create a channel of communication to the Singapore Government;
  • To share and highlight key trends; and 
  • To provide relevant insights for businesses to benefit and learn.
Our objectives:
  • Provide the platforms to deliver relevant and topical events.
  • Create a community spirit within Chamber members.
  • Connect with relevant Singapore Government Agencies and Think Tanks. 
  • Create a one voice channel of communication to the Singapore Government.
  • Attract new members/sponsors/collaborators.
  • Contribute to the BritCham knowledge bank and the ORIENT.
This distils down to one salient thought: the more we can put in to the Chamber – as individuals, as businesses and as sectors – the better placed the Chamber is to benefit us.
As with all of the Chamber's Business Groups, there is plenty of overlap from TLSC into the spheres of the other Business Groups, and we will be working closely with them. Our kick-off event, in March 2017, however, is a solo mission. Under the tag-line 'Hanjin – when supply chains go wrong' we are looking to build an interactive panel discussion around the premise that the ideal supply chain is one that goes unnoticed, at least from the outside.  When a link in the chain fails on the other hand... The bankruptcy of the Korean container shipping group, Hanjin in 2016 has brought this into sharp focus. Not only was a huge shipping company affected, not only its suppliers, financiers, creditors, but billions of dollars-worth of cargo has been delayed, misrouted or stranded. It is only when such a breakdown occurs, that one gets a sense of the complexity, the inter-connectedness, and the contagion-risk of these structures. These are expressions that were used in analysing the financial crisis of 2008, that we are still feeling the reverberations from today. Food for thought. 
Details of the event are available from the usual sources. Refreshments will be provided. No jelly or ice cream is promised, though.