The Future of Customer Service: Trends

Consumer expectation has taken a powerful shift and there are lots of new technologies, concepts and trends that can help brands to offer better customer service to their customers. Here are the five trends and tips on how to take your customer service to the next level.

Customer Service is about the feeling of being recognized, listened to, valued and cared for. 


There are lots of new technologies, concepts and trends that can help brands to offer better customer service to their customers. 


According to the Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey, November 2013


“Globally in 2013, 66% of consumers switched brands or business due to poor customer service, a 4% increase on the previous year. Some 82% of those who switched said the brand could have done something to stop them.”


Trend One: Shift in customer expectation


There has been a powerful shift in consumer expectation. We have become a sharing economy, consumers are becoming ever busier and urban living is giving rise to demand for products as needed. Consumers also have a thirst for a constant stream of new products.Customers no longer want to necessarily own a product they instead want to have access to the right product when and only when they need it. 


Trend Two: It’s all about team work


Some of the smartest brands are now working with other brands. They recognise the limitations of their product or service and then work with a partner to plug the gap. They are willing to be honest about product limitations, and to confront common customer pain points.


Trend Three: Webcam enabled face to face customer service


Forward-thinking brands are providing webcam-enabled face-to-face interaction with their customer service representatives as and when consumers need it.


Webcam doesn’t just have to be about dealing with customer questions or complaints. Some companies are using it to offer new experiences, trials and tests to their customers. For example US insurance company Esurance now allows webcam-enabled accident appraisal via smartphone.


Trend four: Delivery start-ups are hot again


In Singapore we are all used to using smart phone apps to book taxis. A rising number of consumers will expect to tap to order just about anything. For e-tailers big and small, delivery is already the key touch point they have with customers. Some companies will add additional services and added extras into their delivery. 


Trend five: brands are collecting consumer data


Brands are increasingly collecting consumer data about their customers, everything from smart sensors, face and object recognition technologies and wearable devices mean it's possible to gather and analyse information about consumers – their location, preferences, purchasing histories and much more – in real-time as never before.  Consumers have become accustomed to a personalized service and personalized products, they want an experience as well as a product. They expect to be able to interact with the retail environment and get real time recommendations and reviews from other consumers. They will no longer take the brands word for it that the product is good. Consumers in physical spaces will increasingly expect the use of real-time data to shape and enhance the service they receive.


According to IBM:

“In 2014, 36% of global consumers are willing to share their current location with retailers via GPS – that's almost double the number who were in 2013.”


Rising numbers of aware consumers will want to know where you're storing their data, and how you plan to use it. Transparency is really important.  


Our Top tips


  • Be transparent about what data you are collecting and what you are using it for
  • Make your customer feel recognised, valued and listened to
  • Be prepared to share
  • Use technology to help you deliver more to your customers
  • Work as a team and use your network


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