Terrorism Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Terrorism is a worldwide issue that knows no boundaries. Here are 5 pieces of advice that might prevent terrorist incidents. 

By Open Forum Enterprise Pte Ltd

Published 24 June 2016


In our current day and age one cannot turn on the television or listen to a news report without seeing or hearing about a terrorist attack, yet many people still think the country they live in or organisation they work for, are immune from a terrorist attack and quickly dismiss the idea of terrorism.


The truth is terrorism is a worldwide issue that knows no boundaries. In fact, the first words often uttered by many politicians, victims and organisations following terrorist attacks have been… “I never thought it would happen here”. This statement coupled with the fact that recent terrorist attacks have become increasingly complex and the number of victims per incident has increased, clearly indicates terrorists have become more proficient in their target selection, weapon usage and command and control processes.


These things suggest that having an understanding of terrorist targets, along with the tactics and the weapons terrorists use, are essential in preventing, preparing for and responding to a terrorist attack.


While responding to a terrorist incident is largely dependent upon the location, tactics and weapons used, these are some basic pieces of advice that might prevent terrorist incidents:


  1. Understand the environment you are in and the appeal it may have to terrorists.
  2. Ensure your organisation has plans to place to deal with a variety of threats.
  3. Properly train your personnel and ensure they have the authority to act.
  4. Ensure your personnel has an understanding of basic surveillance and information gathering techniques.
  5. Understand how to report information for further scrutiny and dissemination.




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