Branding For Winning

The BritCham Young Professional of the Year 2013 shares some winning tips how you can brand your business and yourself.

By Jingle Chen, Director, Anamics Creative Group


1. Be. Have. Do


Most people feel that they must do what needs to be done right now in order to achieve what they want or to become somebody they aspire to be. On the contrary, try approaching it from being who you think you are, then having the power to do whatever you need to do. Being authentic from the start gives you a clearer direction to stay the course. And having a winner’s mindset from the start certainly propels you into thinking and behaving quite differently—a big contrast from trying to undertake things to be a winner.


2. Design it well

The greatest gift of being human is the ability to use technology now to improve our lives. From designing a good user interface to charting how a business operates and functions, all these require smart thinking and connection with the right people. When designing for visual impact, don’t forget about crafting for substance and content that inspires.


3. Talk to people

Human interactions broaden perspective. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. Know when to take pointers seriously and when to let go of unconstructive comments. Practise making choices with clarity, without being affected by pressure or emotions. Listen for inspiration and insights to discover your own wisdom in your trade.


4. See it from all sides

When crafting a message, read and study it many times. A message that pleases the boss might not connect to the customer. What is your goal? Can words and sentences be made simpler? Is there any value in writing more? Last but not least, mean what you say. Impress, but be careful not to over-promise.


5. Initiate, not react

One way of being outstanding is not to ask what people want, but to give them a product or service they do not even know they need. Have the foresight and creativity to initiate a spark that gives you the opportunity to learn new ways to connect with others. Be the first mover in everything, including erasing your own perceptions and re-learning new ways of thinking.


6. Start and end with how you want to be remembered

A person has 60,000 thoughts a day on average—most of which are redundant and do not serve any purpose. The devil is in the details, so be sharp and straight to the point in execution. The things in life worth remembering are those that stand the test of time and are delivered consistently.