Business Services Update (April 2014)

An update on the progress of the Business Services Programme thus far and the road ahead in 2014.

The first quarter of 2014 saw our Business Services Programme kick into high gear; we are anticipating further growth throughout the year.


We launched our Business Services Programme at the beginning of 2014 to further leverage on our role as the largest and most active Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and help UK businesses access a variety of opportunities in Asia’s most prominent business hub.
So far, we have supported a number of UK companies to meet and strategically connect with selected companies and organisations from our wide range of members. We have also eased the process of setting up their companies in the country through providing relevant information and direct assistance.
At the beginning of the year, we launched our ‘Doing Business in Singapore’ webinar series to inform company members of UK Chambers of Commerce about the opportunities available to them in Singapore and the wider ASEAN region, and how we as a Chamber can help them access these opportunities. To date, we have run two webinars of this kind with Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Manchester Chamber of Commerce. We plan to run a further three this year—in May, August and November.
The Great British Humber breakfast was a sizzling success, with great presentations from Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce, including one by celebrity chef Rachel Green, who demonstrated at a live cooking station that Humber sausages are not just good for breakfast, they also make a fantastic Asian stir fry. We will be continuing to work with the Hull Chamber of Commerce over the next few months to bring more food and drink products to Singapore. We are reaching out to our members who may be interested in importing or using these products in their hotels, restaurants or shops.
In March, our Young Professionals business group met with the Young Professionals network from the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, one of our MOU partners. This conversation opened the door for some great knowledge exchanges, tips and tricks about how to run innovative events, how to engage young professionals in different ways and how to help young professionals make the transition to another business group when they become more experienced.
On 17 Mar, the Professional Services group hosted a LinkedIn session, teaching members of the group how to make the most of the platform. This was a really fun and informative event, with some really great tips to improve your profile so you’re found more often, manage your endorsements, participate in groups and manage the number of alerts you receive.
On 19 Mar, I supported UK company ECDIS Ltd to meet some of our members and was pleased to be invited to view their simulators in action at the Asia Pacific Marine trade show, which took place at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. ECDIS Ltd are regarded as “the maritime industry’s most respected and fully approved ECDIS trainers” and use a suit of simulators to train and accredit naval officers to navigate ships.
One of the highlights of the month for me has been working to support an innovative company, Sheffield Forgemasters, to launch their first Singapore office. The launch, which took place at the iconic Raffles Hotel, was a real celebration of their success and marks the strategic importance of Singapore as an Asian hub for offshore oil and gas and the energy sectors, for which Sheffield Forgemasters produced many of the major components. The R&D capability of this UK company is very impressive; they will certainly be a company worth keeping an eye on in Singapore and Asia over the next few months and years.
“Last but not least,” as they would say in Manchester, we held our second ‘Doing Business in Singapore’ webinar with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, providing 10 companies with information about trading and doing business in Singapore. We are already working to support two of them, and I am pleased to learn that another has recently moved to Singapore, so expect to see more interactions from Manchester over the coming months.
In April, I went to London to the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference, a great opportunity to interact with the global accreditation board, other colleagues from the overseas business network initiative and a chance to share best practices with other UK chambers.
These are exciting developments for our new Business Services Programme, and we look forward to achieving further progress throughout the year!
Please contact for assistance with your business needs and for general information about the programme.
We look forward to hearing from you!