Marketing & Creative Business Group Update - Q4 2015

By Chris Reed (Black Marketing), Chairperson of the M&C Business Group

I am delighted to announce a brand new business group for you to enjoy. The Marketing and Creative Group will look at all things to do with marketing and the creative industries. From digital marketing to social media, from marketing to the new consumer from B2B and B2C perspectives to PR, from content marketing to direct marketing, from e-commerce to advertising we will endeavour to cover everything you could possibly wish to know about marketing.


I and my co-chairs — Andrea Edwards from Novus Asia, Tolla Sloane from the Artling, and Abby Chan from UKTI — will be putting together both an ambitious event schedule and a content marketing platform on the BC website and social media platforms for you to enjoy.


Our Mission:


To inspire and help British Chamber members and the larger Singaporean business community to embrace the new world of marketing and the new consumers; to bring the creative spirit and achievements of UK players closer to the British Chamber members and the Singaporean business community.


Tag line: Connect – Inspire – Share – Learn


We aim to have four flagship British Icons events throughout 2016 featuring brands such as Rolls-Royce, Burberry, Gordon Ramsay and Chelsea Football Club. We will underscore this with events that tie into UK Trade and Industry-linked events in Singapore such as the annual Fashion Festival, Spikes, Culinary events, UKTI business visits, and a host of other events. We shall also be putting on ad-hoc events linked to British personalities who lead by example in the world of marketing and innovation, and Andrea and myself will be doing a series of workshops around subjects such as blogging, content marketing and social selling. We will be looking at all of these areas and more:


The Marketing and Creative Committee will kick off 2016 in true marketing style with a networking event at an interesting location, with some quirky wines and the chance for all members and non-members to meet myself and the marketing committee as well those members of the chamber and others who wish to network with professionals in Singapore with a passion for marketing.


Please follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest event and content news and information and join us at our inaugural networking event as the marketing and creative committee.