Happy Birthday Singapore!

Commemorating Singapore’s 50th year of independence, we congratulate all Singaporeans and celebrate our shared history, enduring relationship and look towards a robust future.

04 August 2015: 


In celebrating Singapore's National Day, we attended the National Day Observance Ceremony which was organised by the Singapore Business Federation. Minister Lim Hng Kiang and 500+ people from the local business community came together to celebrate Singapore’s fifty years of nationhood.





Bicky Bhangu, Board Member and the Chairperson of the External Affairs Committee recorded a special message on behalf of all British Chamber members to congratulate all Singaporeans on this momentous occasion.


The local business community including local and foreign Trade Associations and Chambers sent their congratulatory messages as well, and their messages were compiled into a video by SBF. This video was played at the National Day Observance Ceremony.
From a small, post-colonial state in 1965 with no hinterland and facing the uncertainties of separation, Singapore has grown to be one of about a dozen countries that moved from middle to high income over the last few decades. Noting the efforts of the business community as an important part of Singapore’s success, Minister Lim encouraged businesses to continue to restructure, to innovate, to internationalise and to invest in their people in order to stay competitive. 

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