Fast Facts: Aerospace Sector

Facts and figures on the aerospace industry in Singapore.

Aerospace Engineering Singapore


  • Appetite for air travel in Asia Pacific countries continues to grow
  • Aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing have projected that over a third of worldwide aircraft deliveries will go to Asia in the next two decades.
  • By 2031, Asia Pacific’s fleet is expected to triple to about 13,500 aircrafts.
  • Over 100 aerospace companies
  • Singapore has over a quarter share of the region’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) output.
  • Leading players such as ST Aerospace and Goodrich carry out comprehensive nose-to-tail MRO services from airframe maintenance to engine overhaul to aircraft modifications and conversion.
  • Singapore is seeing a growing number of aerospace design and manufacturing operations
  • In February 2012, Rolls Royce launched its Seletar Campus, that not only carries out activities such as engine assembly and test, training, R&D, it is also the company’s titanium wide-chord fan blade manufacturing
  • In January 2013 Pratt & Whitney broke ground for its first Geared Turbo Fan hybrid fan blade and turbine disk manufacturing facility outside of its US headquarters.
  • The aerospace industry in Singapore has stringent safety and quality standards
  • The aerospace industry today employs close to 19,900 workers, of which 90% are skilled.
  • Singapore’s aerospace industry has grown at an average rate of 10 per cent in the last two decades.


Facts & figures have been compiled from various sources