Diversity Business Group Update - Q4 2016

The Diversity Committee has been very busy in the second half of this year with a variety of ideas and events to keep them motivated. Here is their 2016 Q4 Update.

By Stephen Trevis, Chair, Diversity Business Group
The Diversity Committee has been very busy in the second half of this year with a variety of ideas and events to keep us motivated.
Many of us were at the Pink Dot celebration in June, which was put on to record numbers of attendees. As always it had a really festive, party atmosphere, some great speeches and interesting and informative stalls.
For some time now we had been talking about putting on a short training course on unconscious bias in the workplace. Broadly speaking this is where people unconsciously favor those similar to themselves or unintentionally exclude those not similar to themselves. Clearly this could touch on any and all of gender, LGBT, disability, culture and generation, so a very topical subject for a Diversity committee event. We were very pleased then that we were able to organize, jointly with the Women in Business committee, a breakfast event at the Shangri-La hotel on 23 September, hosted by Anna Britton of the British Council. Turnout was good at around 60 people, which allowed for a more lively discussion, and Anna had us discussing the issues in our groups more or less from the first couple of minutes. An informative event that we very much hope to repeat. Incidentally we also collaborated with the Women in Business group on an event on resilience which they organized on 20 October and which was also well attended, so going into next year we will be looking for further opportunities to work together with other groups from the Chamber.
Probably most ambitiously of all our recent activities we launched a photo competition in June with the theme of “Celebrating Diversity”. We had quite a large number of entries by the time the competition closed at the end of September, and the Committee and judges had a hard time to select the finalists. The final order of the winners will be announced on 21st November at an event at the High Commissioner’s residence, Eden Hall. Please look out for announcements on this. In the meantime we have selected twelve of the best photos across a range of diversity themes to be included in a calendar for 2017, so we are proud to be able to recognise more of the entries than just the top three plus the voters’ favourite, who will comprise the winners of the competition itself.
Last but not least we will be holding a lunchtime event in support of the the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The day itself is always on 3rd December, but this year that falls on a Saturday so we will have the event on Friday 2nd December. Once again we are imposing on the good graces of the British High Commission and Eden Hall will host the event. We’re planning on having a number of Paralympians come in and talk about their lives and achievements, so we are very excited about that! Please do look out for the announcement about this event on the website soon.