Business Services Update (October-December 2015)

Carole, Tina and Jared from the Business Services Team at BritCham Singapore met British Exporters on the North & South Explore Export Tours. They met more than 250 UK companies looking to do business in Singapore in one-to one meetings, and provided them with advice on exporting to Singapore.

As a part of the ever growing Export Week, now entering its eighth year, ExploreExport 2015 gave UK companies access to practical advice from 163 UKTI Commercial Officers and British Chamber of Commerce Representatives from 83 markets, who split across two tours covering 11 locations across the UK. Each regional event offered the chance to attend one-to-one meetings with market specialists, participate in engaging seminars, and engage with exhibitors that specialise in offering export support to SMEs.



On 9 November, the UK government launched its most ambitious exporting initiative in Gateshead. Exporting is GREAT is part of the GREAT campaign, and is set to make the UK the world’s greatest exporting nation — with a target to inspire and support 100,000 new British exporters to sell their goods and services overseas.


Exporting is GREAT will run for five years as part of the world-renowned GREAT Britain campaign. Its approach is unique: presenting real-time export opportunities to businesses of all sizes, sectors and regions of the UK that they can apply for immediately.


UK companies are set to benefit from a unique, new five-year programme presenting real-time export opportunities that businesses can apply for online. This is part of a move to get 100,000 additional companies exporting by 2020.


It presents live export opportunities to businesses, across a range of media outlets and digital channels. Hundreds of these export opportunities, with a potential total value of more than £300 million, are hosted on a new platform,, with many more set to come online each month.


Speaking at Sage Gateshead, Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Francis Maude said, “Travelling overseas in my capacity as Minister for Trade, I see first-hand the demand that exists for UK products and services but many companies don’t realise this demand exists.



Launch of Exporting is GREAT campaign by Lord Maude


We are confident that through this campaign, by raising awareness of and providing access to these opportunities, together with giving companies the practical advice and guidance they need, we will inspire and support thousands of new companies in an exciting new venture of selling overseas.”


Stephen Kelly, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sage, which is supporting Exporting is GREAT, said, “We’re passionate about supporting businesses at every stage of their growth. Exporting is a significant step on the journey – one that many small and medium businesses don’t feel they have the support or knowledge to take.


Our customers tell us that awareness of the opportunities and more government and industry support would help them make the move, so we are thrilled to be supporting Exporting is GREAT.


Exporting is GREAT will provide advice and expertise to support businesses at every step on their exporting journey, from initial interest to selling in market. This will include a year-long roadshow that will travel the UK, giving face-to-face assistance to potential exporters. It will use the latest technology to connect these businesses with live export opportunities.”



About the Campaign


One campaign — kick-starting Export is GREAT Week.


The national multimedia advertising campaign is now live, broadcasting realtime business opportunities from 10 global markets.


The plan is that whatever you’re doing — listening to the radio, watching TV, reading a paper, driving your car, waiting for a train — you’ll see or hear about a potential major exporting opportunity for UK businesses.


One roadshow — reaching out to businesses across the UK.


The Exporting is GREAT roadshow kicked off on 10 November in Gateshead. Over the next 12 months, the roadshow truck will visit every part of the UK, attending major national and regional business events, and locally organised training sessions and seminars at industrial estates, science parks and other local business venues.


One team — the roadshow might be national, but the campaign’s reach is global


When the business day is ending here in the UK it will start somewhere else in the world. There is huge international demand for British services.


One aim — working with partners to secure success


Exporting opportunities are out there for potential exporters, but UKTI and HMG can’t do this alone. Working with commercial partners and business organisations is vital to increase reach and broaden influence with the public and inspire more businesses to start exporting. The aim is to increase the supply of available trade opportunities, provide offers and discounted services to SMEs, thus helping businesses boost their capability in areas essential to successful exporting, such as finance, legal, market insight and freight/logistics.




This dynamic and continuously updated new site will engage, direct and support businesses that have responded to the campaign.


Conrad Bird, GREAT Campaign Director and interim Managing Director, Marketing at UKTI, commented, “We want to capture the imagination of British businesses, boosting their confidence that there are real opportunities around the world and empowering them to go out and succeed in global markets. And we’ve got an exciting programme of media, online activity and events planned, as well as incredible UK business champions lending us their support. So please get involved.”


BritCham Singapore team visited the following places



Carole and Jared in Newmarket and Tina in Newcastle


North Tour

Edinburgh                                 6 November

Gateshead                                9 November

Barnsley                                   10 November

Nottingham                               11 November

Birmingham                              12 November

Manchester                               13 November


South Tour

Belfast                                       6 November

Newmarket                               9 November

London & South East            10 November

Bristol                                       11 November

Cardiff                                      12 November


- END -