BritCham collaborates with Manchester's Inward Investment Agency

The Business Services team, in association with Manchester Inward Development Agency Services (MIDAS), organised a breakfast presentation at Conrad Centennial Hotel on 14th October 2015, on the sidelines of the SIBOS financial services event. 



The presentation, targeted at individuals in the Financial and Professional Services industries, covered investment opportunities in Manchester, and highlighted the reasons why it was ranked by KPMG as the “Most Competitive Business Location in Europe” in their Competitive Alternatives Report in 2014. 
Manchester is the UK’s leading regional Financial and Professional Services centre, and a complementary co-location proposition to London. The sector employs over 250,00 people in a wide variety of activities including retail finance, insurance, corporate finance, law and accountancy, and contributes ₤10.7 billion to the Manchester economy each year. 
The speaker, Andrew Toolan from MIDAS, described the various free support services available to companies and individuals interested in exploring Manchester. These services include research support, property solutions, business networking, recruitment, and relocation assistance. 
The event also provided an opportunity for participants to discuss the trends on location strategies and ways to improve their company’s operational footprint.
The event was well-attended by Chamber members and guests from the financial and professional services industries who left with insights into the Manchester region, and knowledge about the practical support available to them through MIDAS.