Britain remains open for business – reassurance for BritCham members from the British High Commissioner

Speaking at a special briefing on the 15th July 2016 to British Chamber members following the outcome of the EU Referendum, H.E. Scott Wightman reassures that Britain is open for business. 

Following the outcome of the EU Referendum, the British Chamber of Commerce organised an exclusive, members-only closed-door briefing with the British High Commissioner to provide an update on the current situation in the UK, the government's position and what this means for business and the UK's place in the world.


After an introductory statement reassuring companies of Britain's strong commercial position and attractiveness to investors as well as the continued membership of various organisations such as the G20 and UN Security Council, The High Commissioner took questions from our members.


A wide spectrum of the Chamber membership was represented by the guests present, and the following areas were raised for discussion as a representation of the key factors after the outcome of the EU Referendum that are important to business in Singapore:


  • Concern around the talent pool and resources available within the UK to negotiate all of the required trade agreements over the coming years
  • What progress can be expected to be made prior to Article 50 being enforced
  • Impacts to the remaining countries within the EU and their reaction to British business in response
  • How the British government and business community can reassure potential investors from Singapore interested in the UK
  • Further referendums and unique agreements being tabled by other parts of the United Kingdom, for example Scotland
  • Impacts on business agreements with China and commonwealth countries
  • Whether the EU Parliament can survive in its current state without reform or further separation of countries


The Chamber will continue to update members as further information is available and how the business community reacts to the result of the EU referendum over the coming months.