Business Services Update (September 2014)

Executive Directors of BiSEA Network discuss issues and exchange ideas

As of Sep 2014, BCCS Business Services Team has assisted 255 British companies. To date, we have been focusing on the areas of Financial Services, ICT, Electronics, Manufacturing and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.


The Business Services Team has been actively attending events to keep up to date with the latest technologies, services and products that would be beneficial to companies doing business in Singapore.


In August, as part of the annual Intellectual Property (IP) week in Singapore, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), together with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), jointly hosted the UKSingapore Business IP Drinks and Discussion on the theme ‘Intellectual Property: Is It Worthwhile or Worthless?’ At the event, which was managed by the Business Services Team, major IP issues such as online piracy and fraud were discussed, along with possible solutions and options available to companies. Major topics covered were Protecting IP Overseas, Innovation Trends, Resolving IP Disputes, World Intellectual Property Office’s (WIPO) Partnership with ASEAN and Singapore’s role in IP.


This month, the team attended a Bonsey Design Seminar in collaboration with GDR Creative Intelligence called ‘The Future of Selling Consumer Brands.’ In this seminar, we were taken through pioneering trends in international consumer engagement. The shift involves the integration of online and offline elements to keep consumers on their toes and generate talk among consumers.


In addition to this, Business Services has recently launched two new series on the Knowledge Bank, one focusing on sector trends and another on general business issues. Should you be interested to find out more about the above-mentioned seminars and our new series, you may refer to the full write-ups in our Knowledge Bank on our website.


From 2–3 Sep, BCCS hosted the annual BiSEA (Britain in Southeast Asia) Conference, which aimed to assess, review and develop the networks’ strength. On 2 Sep, member companies had the opportunity to meet and speak to Executive Directors from the BiSEA Network to understand opportunities and support provided in the other Southeast Asian countries.


The BiSEA network comprises a network of nine British Chambers, from Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Brunei. This network aims to support UK businesses venturing into different parts of Southeast Asia, which will become increasingly significant as the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 draws closer. To find out more about the strength of this network, please refer to the BiSEA webpage or contact us directly.


Beyond the BiSEA Network, BCCS is part of a larger chamber network in the UK, allowing us to support companies from all regions in the UK in exploring export opportunities in Singapore. We have been working with major retailers and distributors in Singapore to source for UK products for their companies, and have been successfully matching products to companies. Should you be seeking technologies, services or products from the UK to complement your business, BCCS Business Services is able to assist you. Please send your enquiries via e-mail to