Our Year in Review - the Sustainability Committee

Chair: Sarah Cragg // Co-Chair: Mark Florance

2020 is likely be the world’s hottest year on record, with the five hottest years ever measured in the last five years. There were unprecedented forest fires in Australia and California. There has been deadly flooding in Vietnam, Indonesia, Jamaica, Bangladesh and India. These occurrences are happening with such frequency that they often no longer attract global headlines or attention. However, it is easy to see how they all make our planet less safe and make doing business less predictable. While this reality can feel overwhelming, there is good news. As all entrepreneurs will tell you, with risk comes opportunity. Businesses, large and small, are quickly realising that finding ways to tackle these environmental and social issues brings dividends, especially to those who do it first and do it right. And for those who are not so inclined to make the change, consumer and shareholder pressure will quickly make having a transparent and meaningful sustainability strategy a non-negotiable.

Despite the difficult year, we are seeing increasing interest in both the Sustainability Committee and its events and we are excited to have many new members and
to be working with the other committees closer than ever before. Carbon emissions and commitments play an important role in these strategies, which is why to celebrate Earth Day 2020, BritCham – supported by the Sustainability Committee – launched the Road to Net Zero campaign. The Chamber has held over 15 events and published many thought leadership pieces to raise awareness of the importance of reducing our carbon emissions, the role of business and net zero commitments and available industry expertise to inspire and help businesses to take action. It is of course vital to walk the talk, which is why the announcement from the Chamber earlier this year that they have achieved Carbon Neutrality is so important. As a small organisation, it shows that whatever your size you can play your part.

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Using the recent sustainability survey, we are in the process of putting together our program for 2021 and the run up to the all-important COP26, taking part in Glasgow in November 2021. We understand that sustainability is a journey and that everyone is at a different stage, so we want to ensure that whatever size of company, whatever industry, our events and programs help you to take your next step. We are currently planning for an exciting Future Cities series, looking at many of the issues and industries that Singapore and cities across the region will have to consider as they become sustainable cities of the future.

I’m proud to be part of a Chamber that is making the changes we need and inspiring others, whether businesses or individuals, to also take action. Join us as we #buildbackbetter.

Find out more at britcham.org.sg/committees/sustainability.