New travel information and security app “Horus-I” launched by UK security firm Horus Security Consultancy

Horus Security Consultancy, a UK and Singapore-based security and intelligence consultancy, recently announced the launch of their new travel security app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The internationally available mobile app offers a new way for business travellers to keep safe and stay informed as they go about their daily activities during these volatile times.

The Horus-I app utilises an easily accessible 24/7 information network to deliver global travel information, latest news and early warning alert notifications directly to the user’s phone, cautioning them of incidences that may affect their travel. COVID-19 is at the forefront of mainstream news and it can be easy to miss other important news that can impact travel plans. The Horus security experts are training in advanced research skills to find and disseminate any event or occurrence that may impact the users travel plans. With this reliable 24hour information network, the user can make an informed decision to adapt their travel plan safely.


“As businesses eagerly anticipate the resumption of business travel, it is critical that travellers are fully informed of events unfolding around them in order to remain safe and secure.” says Jed McInally, Operations Director at Horus Security Consultancy Asia Pacific. “This App has several features which will enhance traveller safety, including the availability of a control panel which gives businesses the ability to understand where their personnel are at any given time. For business with their own platforms, there is the ability to receive alerts, tailored to specific information requirements, through an API.”


Available worldwide as either a desktop control panel or via the Horus-I mobile application, designated users within an organisation or a family can track the subscribers on their own account in real-time and view active alerts in accordance with their subscription preferences. This provides additional assurance to parents and responsible staff managers regarding the personal security of their family members/colleagues.


Innovative features of the app include:

Real-time customisable alert feeds and notifications – providing the ability to choose which types of alerts and the locations to receive notifications (with more than 20 different incident categories in over 200 countries)

Watch Me Closely – a unique feature developed by Horus, users can activate to enable enhanced tracking, increasing the precision of user tracking down to a few meters and automatically notifying Horus’ Control Centre to make contact and ensure that the user receives immediate assistance to get them to safety.

Near Me – option available to receive urgent notifications through the app and via SMS for security alerts within an associated geofence – this is a feature designed particularly for businesses and individuals travelling to medium-high risk locations where signal strength prohibits constant internet access but does allow for mobile signal transmissions.

24/7 chat support - the in-app Advice Centre connects users directly to the Horus Control Centre where one out the team’s security experts will provide them with advanced assistance in uncertain situations to get the user to safety.

As Horus-I has been designed in-house, the app can be easily adapted to meet the requirements and pricing models of a variety of businesses from global corporations to individual clients. This flexibility enables businesses and institutions to extend their duty of care of employees by mitigating potential risks involved in abroad travel. Alongside the 24/7 information alert network, Horus also offers additional services including itinerary monitoring, pre-travel assessment reports, VIP airport meet-and-greet and concierge services.


If your organisation has an existing app that could benefit from Horus’ real-time global alert monitoring service, Horus offers webhook integration to deliver alerts directly from the Horus Control Room as they happen - alerts can also be generated according to Critical Information Requirements decided by the client.


 The Horus-I app is available starting 18th September 2020.  For more information on the app, visit


About Horus Security Consultancy:

Horus is a UK and Singapore based security consultancy, originally founded in April 2006. The team of multilingual researchers and highly experienced investigators navigate the complex world of corporate security on a global scale, serving a diverse spectrum of clients in sectors ranging from academia to technology and banking to pharmaceuticals. We deliver security solutions drawing from a myriad of digital sources daily to better inform business decision making. on the principles of transparency and integrity, in order to bring security best practice to not-for-profit and commercial clients.

Horus Security Consultancy (Asia-Pacific) (HAP), based in Singapore, was founded in February 2015. From here, The Horus Intelligence Group (THIG) can offer its services directly into the Singaporean and South-East Asian marketplace, utilising the skills of both locally recruited graduates, expatriates, and a cadre of secondees from within THIG’s UK-based companies.


If you would like to discuss how the unique Horus-I travel app could improve you organisation's travel security, please contact the team at