New member: Agility Ship

Our calling and ambition is enabling people to clarify and adapt their own and others’ leadership, by taking personal responsibility to become change resilient and opportunistic in successfully navigating work and life.

Using our scientifically proven approach, we assess and develop your everyday use of 12 AgilityShip Practices through our training, career mentoring, coaching and consultancy ‘diagnostics and services’ to continually improve personal, team and business 'fitness for future purpose'.

Our tailored interventions and experiential learning activities produce sustainable personal, team and business prosperity by concentrating on 4 phases of development:

Reflect: Longer lasting and more productive colleague and customer interactions, together with clearer ‘personal values-driven’ ambition, motivation and direction.

Replenish: Entrepreneurial and innovative mind-sets created, using all the known and as yet undiscovered capabilities surrounding us.

Refocus: More efficient and effective business planning inclusivity, alongside raised priority goals awareness and fully committed, productive and healthy working.

Reward: Sustained performance, using clear and personalised contribution expectations, team member feedback, and continuous striving to improve and re-invent work as necessary.

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