Announcing the launch of our Future of Work Information Hub alongside the results of our Manpower Survey 2021

In the past 12 months, the long-term impacts of Covid have become apparent in Singapore, with a shift towards post-pandemic flexible working, embracing new technologies and an increased focus on the mental wellbeing of employees. In our poll earlier this year, mental health was highlighted when 79% of companies reported an awareness at all levels of the need to support employees in this area.

Today we release the results of the second edition of our annual Manpower Survey. You can find the highlights of the results in the slideshow below. View the full report of results here

The British business community raised concerns with the technical skills of the local workforce, with almost half of all responding companies highlighting this as an obstacle to the successful recruitment of citizens and permanent residents in the past year. We will support the process of finding talent and the transfer of skills from British and other foreign-owned businesses to the local workforce through our new Future of Work Information Hub launched today [, part of our ongoing campaign of the same name. The Hub will provide clear navigation to recruitment channels, SkillsFuture programmes and other skills development initiatives alongside the latest news, case studies and content relevant to the entire career lifecycle.