Call for feedback: Business Sentiment Survey

We are reaching out to you today with a call for feedback in our End-of-Year Business Sentiment Survey, the second of our important status check-ins with businesses throughout the year. The Sentiment Survey, a twice-annual highlight of our Future of Trade programme, is designed to help us understand how businesses are growing and where there are pain points to advocate on behalf of the community. We are delighted this year to be supported in our Business Sentiment Survey by Globalization Partners.

Business sentiment surveys of this nature allow us to have numerous ongoing conversations with the Singapore Ministries and Stat Boards to represent the business ecosystem and ensure any issues are raised.

The questions have been designed to be quick and simple to answer, covering the following areas:

  • Business trends in the past six months
  • Impact of Covid on your business in the past six months
  • Changes to your workforce in the past six months and planned changes in the same period ahead
  • Confidence in Singapore and interest in ASEAN
  • Benchmarking levels of concern to your business in key topics such as the cost of doing business, business travel restrictions, work passes and more
  • Opportunity for further comment on business or economic conditions in the past six month

Given the sensitive nature of the questions, submissions are anonymous with the option to provide contact details only if you prefer to. As always, the results will be released as an aggregated narrative with no individual company submissions shared and will be published through our usual channels for your reference, with notifications to UK/Singapore Government representatives and the media in a press release of the highlighted outcomes.

Please ensure at least one senior representative of your organisation completes the poll before November 30, 2021. The poll should take 5-10mins to complete. If you need to share the link with a colleague to complete it, please use

Thank you for your time on this important part of our advocacy schedule. If you have any questions, please contact

Take the survey below or visit the full URL highlighted above. Thank you for your feedback. 

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