British Expertise supporting the Early Childhood and Special Needs Sector across ASEAN

At the conference, experts and play practitioners will showcase why play matters and how we can best support children through play. We will explore play practice for children who are differently abled, who have experienced trauma, and who are living in poverty. We believe that by training and supporting the adults who work with these children, we can bring more play into their lives to maximise learning and development. We echo the voices from Davos and the Real Play Coalition founded by LEGO, National Geographic, IKEA and Unilever and your company can join this movement. 

We invite you to become actively involved through attending and through sponsorship supporting NGOs and low- and middle-income country (LMIC) government employees who work with children most at risk to attend this conference. 

Your company can support the UN Right of Children to play, develop and reach their full potential—and raise the profile of your brand, products and services for this key market. If you are interested to explore sponsorship please contact us