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Chris Reed, Founder & CEO

Black Marketing – enabling LinkedIn for you


Joining BritCham was one of the best decisions I have made in Singapore from a personal development, networking, personal and company branding and new business generation point of view. The opportunities it has given me from starting as a normal member to becoming an SME member which has enabled me to create and lead The Marketing and Creative business group, Chair and Co-Chair the ICT Group and become an elected Board Member have simply been fantastic. The BritCham really is a great example of the harder you work at building relationships, attend and engage with their many fascinating events and have fun at their events the more you will get out of personally and from a business point of view. As an Expat in Singapore nothing beats it. I highly recommend that you join and throw yourself into their myriad of opportunities to experience and learn from their fantastic events and meet and engage with extremely fascinating professionals. From every level it will stack up for you.


Henry Tan, Managing Director

Nexia TS


I joined BritCham this year and have since been very active both in the Entrepreneur and Small Business Group and in joining the various events and talks. I have been a member of different chambers and BritCham ranks No 1 in terms of value, professionalism and learning!! Thank you BritCham.


Phil Steggals, Managing Director

Kadence International

Our chamber membership has been a fantastic opportunity to meet people and share ideas. The ability to network at a variety of events has been invaluable for us to help increase our reputation within the market. Through these connections we have been introduced to wider stakeholders and have been able to increase our client base as a direct result of referrals from these conversations. 


Tim Rockell, Director, KPMG Global Energy Institute, Asia Pacific


I have found Britcham to be welcoming and an invaluable support in getting up to speed with the energy community in Singapore.  Four years ago I joined the Energy & Utilities Business Group. I quickly grew to know the members of a likeminded committee who were able to point me in the right direction and were equally enthused about sharing knowledge amongst our networks.  I value Britcham’s work and am pleased to be able to contribute back by additionally participating the membership committee who actively reach out to businesses and provide members tangible benefits, a platform to connect and network, and useful insights.


David Mackerness, Director, Business Development


The Built Environment is currently going through an unprecedented rate of change across a wide range of inter-linking disciplines. As Kaer’s expertise is specific to energy efficiency within the built environment, we rarely have exposure to the other disciplines operating within our buildings. Being a member of the Built Environment Committee has allowed me to get regular updates and share ideas with a diverse group of industry experts who we don’t meet on a day to day basis. This provides a unique forum for Kaer to better understand the challenges faced by our customers and the market trends that affect our business.


Andy Kerr, Partner

St James’s Place


As a member of the financial committee representing St James Place I can say that in 2016 events have been timely and relevant. With recent political events overshadowing the landscape the British Chamber of Commerce has provided great opportunities for members to listen to great speakers, absorb good content and also provide the chance to meet and network with a variety of other companies.



Wanying Lim, Associate Director

Bank Julius Baer


My membership with BritCham has helped me understand better the British professional community and its economic and intellectual engagement with Singapore. The events that I have attended this year were of high relevance to both work and my continued learning, ranging from Brexit to fintech to up close and personal talk with senior players such as Ms. Anne Richards, CEO of M&G Investments.  I am also involved with the Women in Business working group and have learned immensely from my peers, and can take the learning back to my own organisation and hopefully vice-versa. I have to say that all my interactions and event participation with the Chamber have been professionally meaningful and enjoyable from a social perspective as well.


Caroline Essame, Managing Director


Joining the British Chamber of Commerce has provided me with invaluable links into the business community here in Singapore and helped me access connections and ideas that I would not have found otherwise. As a start-up SME and Social Entrepreneur it has provided expertise and support that makes me feel less isolated and more confident in what I am pioneering here in Asia. Thank you for creating a community like this that I can belong to.


Nick Magnus, Headmaster

Dulwich College

All of our staff benefit from our Sterling membership. Aside from the various discounts available to members there are numerous networking and social opportunities for teachers and administrators to meet other people outside of the World of Dulwich. It has been very well received by all and I recommend it to you without question.


Rosie Danyluk, Head of Communications and Executive Office

BP Singapore

Being the Chair of the Sustainability and Responsibility Business Group has ensured I can keep up with the latest thought leadership and best practice in a fast changing sector. The expertise and breadth of the group provides a unique learning and development opportunity. Britcham’s focus on networking also helps me to do my ‘day job’ better!


Rob Bratby, Managing Partner


The British Chamber of Commerce has been invaluable to us by allowing us quickly to network with the right people and establish our credentials in the market. We have found their relevant industry-sector facing groups and issue based groups a real short-cut to meeting the right people and understanding market dynamics in Singapore and ASEAN.



Andrew Pickup, Senior Director, Asia Communications

Microsoft Asia


Being a member of the British Chamber has enabled me to establish and maintain a constantly-evolving network of valuable business connections here in Singapore. And, for my company, it has provided us with an opportunity to listen to, engage with and benefit from access to this vital local and regional business community. 



Dr Tanvi Gautam, Program Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Singapore Management University

Every time I have spoken at a BritCham event, their professionalism, the strength of their community and their energy shines through. Be that a panel or an article, there is care and thought in serving their members. It is a network that is worth joining and keeping up with! At Singapore Management University Executive Education, we have found true partners in them for our Diversity & Inclusion programmes and sessions. I can't recommend this team highly enough.



Andrew Vine, Chief Executive Officer

The Insight Bureau


I need to network in Singapore for two reasons: to both meet clients and prospects, and for peer level interaction to share experiences. The great thing is that membership has continued to offer me value throughout the 23 years I have been in Singapore, as my professional life has evolved and grown.


Hitan Mehta, Director



As we continue to expand Acuutech, the British Chamber of Commerce has been a great resource and partner. The chamber allows us to meet potential customers and partners through a variety of events throughout the year. These events allows us to learn, share and help facilitate connections for us to do business here. It has been a pleasure to help business groups within the chamber recently and we look forward to working together for the foreseeable future.



Duncan Merrin – Consultant, International Expansion


I have been a member via my companies of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore for close to twenty years.  Being a Management Consultancy and Corporate Services company the value to me has been the availability to network within the membership of the Chamber and at the various functions that the Chamber organizes. Over the years I can confidently say that this has contributed enormously to the client base of my business. The Chamber members are spread over many types of businesses and therefore offer the base to become aware of business to business opportunities. The Secretariat staff at the Chamber today have a level of expertise that can advise across all aspects of doing business in Singapore, can introduce members to members and is an invaluable starting point for new business people coming to Singapore. I have found that being a member of the Board some time ago and now a member of the Professional Services Business Group Committee that working with the Secretariat staff extremely rewarding. British businesses, in fact any businesses, coming to or already in Singapore can only benefit from being a member of the Chamber.



Martin Rimmer, Private Client Tax Manager - Asia Pacific

The Fry Group

Over the course of the last 15 years I have worked with at least 10 British Chambers in Europe and Asia. Whilst they have all been terrific partners, I have to say that I have found the Singapore chamber to be the very best. It is a very well organized and managed operation, and offers a genuine variety of events, seminars and networking evenings which really do meet their aims of connecting people and businesses. I have given presentations and tax briefings through the Chamber on a number of occasions and have found the organisation and delivery of the events to be first class. The British Chamber has been an invaluable partner and we are proud of our association with it.



Danielle Warner, Founder & CEO

Expat Insurance


As we continue to expand Expat Insurance, we have found the British Chamber of Commerce to be an invaluable partner in doing so. Our membership allows us access to a wealth of knowledge and partnerships and has not only facilitated some excellent connections, but also helped to promote our business further through the excellent networking events organised by The Chamber and the Chamber Business Groups. We look forward to continuing our relationship with The Chamber and growing our company further through our membership.



Jonathan O'Byrne, CEO

Collective Works


As a member the British Chamber of Commerce has proved a valuable resource: Not only does the Chamber give me a platform to raise the profile of my business within a relevant community, its regular calendar of events provide a forum to meet potential customers and form business partnerships. The team at the British Chamber have also been particularly supportive by highlighting relevant events and making introductions where they observed synergies with other members.



Joe Tofield, Training Advisor

British Council


BritCham has provided us a fantastic platform to meet and network with professionals across all sectors in Singapore. Not only is the calendar full of a wide variety of events, the committees have allowed us to gain more exposure for our work in Singapore and find new ways of forming new partnerships with like-minded companies. We were delighted when our chairman got a speaking slot at the Young Professionals Mentorship Evening and as usual, the event was extremely well organised and very enjoyable.



Cecilia Leong - Faulkner, Director

British Theatre Playhouse


Acting is tough love and I admire actors who carry on and on without giving up! I do get the buzz from working with talent from Great Britain. And I must say the British Chamber of Commerce has been a pillar of support from day one when we established and incorporated the British Theatre Playhouse in Singapore in 2004. To support our mission in bringing the Best of Live British entertainment to entertain and inspire our audiences in Singapore and the region.



Raymond Hoefer, Compliance Manager


The British Chamber is not only a place to make valuable connections, it is also a place where ideas flourish and can be heard by business leaders in Singapore. Being fortunate enough to be on the diversity committee is not only personally rewarding, but an opportunity to create change with interesting people whilst supporting the work I do within my own organization. Celebrating 60 years might suggest the Chamber is bound by tradition, but it’s actually a remarkably modern organization thanks to the excellent team at the Chamber.



Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer

City Developments Singapore (CDL)

CDL has benefitted immensely from the learning and networking platforms that have been established by BritCham. The comprehensive activities organised range from business presentations, lunch talks, economic briefings, to the Chamber’s prestigious Annual Business Awards – all of which are testament to its steadfast commitment to support local and British companies, creating business opportunities. CDL has had the honour of participating in the Annual Business Awards and won the Exceptional CSR Practice category in 2013, which opened more doors for us to further develop our CSR programmes and enhance our sustainability advocacy. Thank you BritCham for doing an excellent job in fulfilling your mission. Our heartiest congratulations on reaching this significant 60th Anniversary milestone.