Member Code of Conduct

Last updated: September 2016


The following Code of Conduct is taken as accepted by members upon registration:


Membership of and/or participation as a non-member in events, meetings and activities of The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore (“BritCham Singapore” or “the Chamber”) are subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Code of Conduct and such other terms and conditions as may be prescribed from time to time (“Code of Conduct”).


As a professional business network organisation, the Chamber expects members and non-member participants in Chamber events and activities (i.e., ‘walk-ins’) to observe and abide by the Code of Conduct, upholding the values, professionalism and integrity of the Chamber.


In the event of any breach of or non-compliance by a member or non-member participant with any of the terms of the Code of Conduct, whether or not such breach or non-compliance is the subject of a complaint by another Chamber member or other non-member participant, the Chamber reserves the right to take appropriate action against the defaulting individual including, but not limited to, exclusion from Chamber events, removal from Chamber premises and suspension of membership and/or membership benefits.  In the case of severe or persistent non-compliance with the Code of Conduct by a member, the Chamber reserves the right to terminate the membership of the defaulting member, without liability to refund to such defaulting member any amount of membership fees paid in advance, whether in full or pro rata.


The obligations and responsibilities of all members of the Chamber and non-member participants are as follows:


1.         To maintain the highest standards of conduct and engage in Chamber events in a professional and dignified manner, acting with integrity and respectfulness when interacting with Chamber invitees and guests, other members and their guests and the general public.


2.         Not to speak or to comment on behalf of the Chamber or hold oneself out as having authority to do so unless specifically requested or instructed or otherwise having obtained prior consent to do so from the Executive Committee of the Board of the Chamber.


3.         Not to act in such a way that the Board deems, in its reasonable opinion, to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests or reputation of the Chamber.


4.         To respect and comply with reasonable requests or directions given by Chamber staff,office bearers or third parties – for example at Chamber events hosted at external venues – and not to act in such a way at any Chamber event or activity, whether on Chamber premises or at an external venue, that would be likely to cause injury or harm to self or to others.


5.         To respect the confidentiality requirements and privacy policies of the Chamber, and confidentiality requirements requested to be observed by Chamber invitees, guests, other members and their guests; this includes refraining from activities or practices that are or could be construed to be anti-competitive or anti-trust in nature.


6.         To respect the right of Chamber staff, office bearers, members and non-member participants to a safe environment when working for, or attending or participating in events, meetings or activities hosted or facilitated by, the Chamber, free from harassment, abuse or discrimination and, in particular, not to use threatening behaviour towards nor harass any member of Chamber staff or Chamber member, invitee, guest or other non-member participant.


7.         To ensure that communication with Chamber employees, office bearers and members is measured, reasonable and professional and devoid of any comments against any of them in their personal capacity.


8.         Not to issue – whether via email, phone, SMS, social media or similar platform – any malicious, inflammatory, critical, defamatory, abusive or threatening messages or statements in relation to the Chamber or its members, invitees or guests.


9.         To act in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of Singapore from time to time.


10.       To abide by the Chamber’s constitution and any conflict of interest guidelines or other policies and codes as may be issued or updated from time to time.