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AB Mauri


AB Mauri is a business devoted to the baking industry and has strong heritage going back 150 years in yeast and bakery ingredients.

AB Mauri started in 1868 with the introduction of Fleischmann’s yeast to the USA and over the years developed Australian links through Mauri Brothers bakery ingredients in 1911 and Burns Philp yeast & bakery ingredients.

The AB Mauri group was formed in 2004 under current ownership of Associated British Foods.

With 52 plants, operations in 32 countries, sales in over 100, and research and technology centres in the Netherlands and Australia, AB Mauri’s businesses are dedicated to their local markets, both in terms of opportunity and demand and are backed with global expertise in bakery products, technologies and know-how, supporting and enabling the world's bakers, both small and large.

This unique combination of local knowledge and global expertise ensures our bakery customers benefit from real awareness of local needs supported by a rapid response from industry experts.
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