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Company Description: Mercury-X is a Singapore-based consultancy specialising in strategic and operational advice for technology and creative companies. Achieving high value growth and exit is always a challenge, but especially so in the technology and creative sectors where the competition is intense and the talent hard to find. Mercury-X was established to assist founders and investors overcome these challenges and maximise the value of their companies. We combine deep business insight with a strong international network to optimise our clients’ growth and exit strategies, and then make sure the operations are streamlined to fit. Our services: Growth Strategy and Execution. Working with founders and leadership teams to develop highly effective growth strategies relevant for their stage of development, designed to set them apart from the pack and to encourage robust buy-in from staff. Exit Strategy. Assisting clients to plan their exit – when, how, and who to sell to - and ensure that their growth plans serve to maximise their exit potential. Leadership Consulting. Ensuring that your organisation’s leadership team is working well together, is aligned on strategy, and is properly equipped with the skills to take the company forward. Expansion Overseas. We work with our clients to establish their expansion strategy, taking into account a mass of variables such as geography, human talent, and market attractiveness, and helping to quantify the risks and the potential returns.
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