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Jun-Aug 2017
Orient Issue No. 62
Politics, Risk, Donald Trump:
President Trump's First 100 Days
As the news cycle spins red hot in North America, and pundits and business leaders warn us of how political risk is now back at the centre of corporate decision making, from a seat in South East Asia it is tempting to ask: “Is all this political risk assessment really necessary?” Steve Wilford, Senior Partner at Control Risks, considers the options
In Focus Interview:
Kok-Leong Lim, Regional Director APAC, McLaren Applied Technologies
McLaren’s “learn fast in order to succeed” innovation culture, developed through 30 years in the motorsport industry, is now feeding into new technologies, with the McLaren Applied Technologies organisation working on highly complex problems. Regional Director for APAC, Kok-Leong Lim, sat down with Editor Lucy Haydon to discuss their corporate culture, constant drive for progression, and more