Business Groups

The British Chamber Business Groups provide a platform for members to engage and connect within their professional sector and beyond. The group's core committees consist of 8 to 12 members driving event programme and content. Business group core committees also take an active interest in enlarging the member base. They are a vital and important pillar in delivering our mission. 


The British Chamber enjoys a reputation of being one of the most active in the Singapore business community. 
Our business groups enhance the Chambers policy of engagement, with each business group’s aim being to provide a cutting edge approach to bring about dialogue, change, improvement and influence with key people at industry and government level. This provides both specific benefits to members and allows for a more dynamic involvement and contribution from members.
 If you are interested in representing a Business Group at a committee level, please contact the Chamber. If you are interested in joining a Business Group please log in and select the relevant Business Group within "My Profile".


Built Environment
Chairperson: Marius Toime

To provide a forum for members of the Built Environment business group of the British Chamber in Singapore by:


  • Creating a platform for member to member communications;
  • Providing channels to enhance the reputation of the Built Environment Business Group of the British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore and the Chamber as whole
  • Building relationships with, providing inspiration, encouragement and support to members
  • To promote the Built Environment sector and opportunities for member companies through education, best practice & awareness of opportunities
  • Encourage diversity and gender equality within the business group
Diversity & Inclusion
Chairperson: Nella Goodarzi

The goal of the Chamber's Diversity and Inclusion Business Group is to provide a forum for members to promote D&I in the workplace by:


  • Raising awareness and sharing best practice around the various challenges and opportunities;
  • Building relationships with and providing inspiration, encouragement and support to members;
  • Engaging with and empowering local business leaders, employees and other communities;
  • influencing relevant stakeholders; and
  • Generally contributing towards enhancing the reputation of BritCham as an organisation committed to D&I.
Energy & Utilities
Chairperson: Tim Rockell

The Energy & Utilities (E&U) business group's mission is to be recognised as a forceful and relevant forum in Singapore for members of the Chamber with particular interest in E&U to interact with the wider energy and utilities community.

Entrepreneur & Small Business
Chairperson: Miles Gooseman

The BritCham Entrepreneur & Small Business Group offers a diverse and representative network of business sectors and industries. It aims to serve as an idea exchange platform for likeminded entrepreneurs and business owners through establishing close links with the other active groups.

Financial & FinTech
Chairperson: Ashley Jones

The BritCham Financial and FinTech Business Group covers some of Singapore's leading financial market sectors where a high level of major and niche British institutions and financial firms occupy strong and influential market positions. Its aim is to significantly expand BritCham membership at both the corporate and individual level by raising the standard of and focusing the networking and promotional opportunities within both the financial services and thriving fintech sector and to the rest of the BritCham business groups and membership.

Information and Communications Technology
Chairperson: Andrew Pickup

The ICT Business Group's mission is to inspire, educate and engage Chamber members (and non-members) on the transformative capabilities of Information Technology to their business.

The goal of the group is to add value to the Chamber and its members through activities that:

  • Demonstrate the value of ICT solutions to their business
  • Educate them on future ICT trends that will impact their business
  • Offer member networking opportunities to better enable business across the region
  • Share knowledge and insights
  • Attract new members to the Chamber
Leadership, Talent & Professional Development
Chairperson: Joe Tofield

The Leadership, Talent and Personal Development Business Group (LTPD) seeks to engage, inspire and educate members to develop their businesses effectively by providing events, content and insights in three main areas: 

Leadership: including managing colleagues in agile and complex working environments; leading millennials and young professionals; and motivating and engaging teams.
Talent: including recruiting effectively in Singapore; retaining and developing talent; and encouraging diversity.  

Personal Development: including providing networking opportunities; developing future-ready skills; and sharing leadership experience through mentoring. 

Marketing & Communications
Chairperson: Suzy Goulding

The Marketing & Communications business group existis to keep British Chamber members and the broader business community in Singapore updated with the latest research, trends and technology in the marcoms sector; to promote industry best practice and showcase the individual capabilities of members via Chamber initiatives and through the development of its own events, seminars and shareable content.

Sustainability and Responsibility
Chairperson: Rosie Danyluk

The British Chamber of Commerce Sustainability and Responsibility Committee seeks to educate and showcase Corporate Responsibility (CR) issues and practices in Asia. We encourage all businesses in Singapore to have good governance in place, and to use their influence to create systemic change through collaboration and partnerships, to manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities wherever they operate in the world. 

Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain
Chairperson: Simon Petch

The purpose of this Business Group is:


  • To provide British Chamber of Commerce members and the wider Singapore business community with a forum in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors
  • To meet and develop contacts
  • To share information and know-how
  • To create a channel of communication to the Singapore Government
  • To share and highlight key trends and
  • To provide relevant insights for businesses to benefit and learn


Women In Business
Chairperson: Angel Cheung

To provide a forum for members of the BritCham to promote Women in Business in the workplace by focusing on 3 main pillars:



  • Providing opportunities for personal development and developing skills
  • Assisting women in expanding their networks



  • Promoting the business case for gender diversity looking at revenue and cost (e.g. retention and engagement)
  • Sharing reports, research and best practises on gender diversity and women at the workplace;
  • Promoting positive attitudes and behaviour towards females within organisations in Singapore;
  • Increase male participation in the dialogue driving gender diversity
  • Promoting senior leaders who are leading the way in balancing gender diversity in the workplace;
  • Sharing experiences and acting as a learning platform for individuals involved in the Network.



  • Identifying opportunities to help bring awareness to best practice policy


The British Chamber is a proud official partner of, the nonprofit organization founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to help all women achieve their ambitions. Empowering women and embracing the power of diversity are imperative for companies that want to perform at the highest level. To access the resources online visit our partner page at

Young Professionals
Chairperson: Joe Tofield

Young Professionals form an important part of the Chamber network, highlighting changes in the workplace and the importance of nurturing talent for the future. The Chamber encourages diversity by driving each business group to include young professionals within the mix. 


For more information or to get involved, contact the Chamber membership team or attend one of our Young Professional events.