19th Annual Business Awards - The Future of Work

The 19th Annual Business Awards are open for entries now!

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Join us in recognising excellence in business through our Annual Business Awards. As the longest-running awards initiative by an international Chamber in Singapore at 19 years, this year with an additional theme of the Future of Work.


Showcase your company as an organisation by entering one or more of the following categories for consideration:


  • Future Leaders
  • Digital Innovation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Start-up Excellence 
  • Customer Experience
  • UK & Singapore in ASEAN


The finalist entry that most embodies the Future of Work theme will also be recognised with a special award. Do not worry about proving this additionally in your entry, our judges will know what to look for!


We are delighted to be joined in our 2018 awards campaign by Title Sponsor and Future of Work Sponsor Prudential Assurance Company Singapore and Category Sponsors Barclays and Cycle & Carriage. Thank you also to our Supporting Organisations the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF).


To enter, submit either an elevator-pitch style video, up to 3 minutes in length, showcasing your excellence in the chosen category and/or a one-page summary which addresses the critera outlined in the entry form below. Quality of any video is not important and will not factor into the judge's decision, so videos recorded on mobile phones are perfectly acceptable, just focus on making an impact!


For more information on the awards process and to submit your entry, read the tabs below which give more detail on the Categories, the Rules for entry, answer your FAQs, and describe the Judging Process, prior to submitting your entry.


Join us at the Gala Dinner on 27th September 2018 for the British Chamber's big night out for business. Our audience will have an opportunity to get involved on the night by providing the final votes for the UK & Singapore in ASEAN category, plus enjoying a 3-course dinner and an exceptional evening with their peers and industry leaders. 


Please familiarise yourself with the following rules before submitting your entry.


  1. The Annual Business Awards are open to any business with a registered office in Singapore

  2. Companies from any sector and of any size may enter. The British Chamber of Commerce awards consider companies of all sizes on a level playing field

  3. All shortlisted entrants must commit to attend the Gala Presentation Dinner on 27th September 2018 with a minimum of 5 tickets. Please click here to reserve your tickets

  4. Entering more than one category is allowed, provided you meet the category criteria and submit a unique entry

  5. All entries will be automatically acknowledged

  6. Entries submitted after the closing date will not be accepted unless previously agreed with the organisers as an exceptional circumstance

  7. Following the closing date, your application(s) may undergo an eligibility check

  8. For each category, up to 5 entrants can be shortlisted as a finalist

  9. All shortlisted and unsuccessful entrants will be informed. The shortlist will be published on the British Chamber of Commerce communication channels

  10. Shortlisted finalists in the UK & Singapore in ASEAN category must make themselves available on request for a professional video to be filmed at their location for the purposes of live voting at the Gala Presentation Dinner. Any such video will remain the property of the British Chamber of Commerce and can be used in relation to the awards marketing campaign and awards ceremony production

  11. Judgement of the winning entrants will be based on the quality of the entry against the category criteria as outlined here. An entrant's previous track record in the awards, whether successful or not, will have no relevance on the outcome of the decision. The judge's decision is final.

  12. All details provided in entries will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any outside party, with the exception of professional videos created for the UK & Singapore in ASEAN category, as outlined above

  13. Winners will be announced at the Gala Presentation Dinner on 27th September 2018

  14. Award winners and shortlisted finalists will be issued with an official logo which may be used in their promotional collaterals

  15. All businesses are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony regardless of any status in the competition

  16. Cancellations of tickets for the Gala Presentation Dinner must be received in writing no later than 16th August 2018, after which refunds will not be considered

  17. Attendees to the awards ceremony may transfer their ticket to a colleague from the same company by notifying zoe@britcham.org.sg no later than 13th September 2018, including details of any special food or accessibility requirements

  18. Special food requirements should be noted on the Gala Presentation Dinner registration form at the point of booking, or be notified to zoe@britcham.org.sg no later than 13th September 2018



Enter the contact details of the person submitting this entry

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Upload Entry Video

Please provide your video to support your entry. Max File size is 50MB.

Accepted Formats: MP4 (mp4, m4a, m4v, f4v, f4a, m4b, m4r, f4b, mov), 3GP (3gp, 3gp2, 3g2, 3gpp, 3gpp2), OGG (ogg, oga, ogv, ogx), WMV (wmv, wma, asf*), WEBM (webm),FLV (flv), AVI*

Upload Your One Page Summary of the Awards Entry

This must include a concise summary of your company or the individual including objectives and culture; a concise outline of the business story including achievements; clearly visible initiatives undertaken which are relevant to the category; evidence of the impact of these initiatives in transforming your organisation and in particular the future of work.

Accepted: Word, pdf, powerpoint (max 6MB each)

Terms and Conditions

I am submitting my awards entry on behalf of a Singaporean registered enterprise, or in the case of Future Leaders the person is an employee of a Singapore registered enterprise.


I acknowledge that if I enter the UK & Singapore in ASEAN category I will be asked to make our company available for a short video segment to be filmed and presented at the Gala Presentation Dinner for the purposes of live voting by the attendees. I further acknowledge all reference to this video requirement made in the Rules outlined in the awards entry website.


I acknowledge that all entries are reviewed by the awards committee for the purposes of shortlisting against a scoring matrix prior to final evaluation by the Judging Panel. The entry with the highest total in each category will be declared the winner. In the event of two companies in the same category receiving the same final score, the Chairperson of the Judging Panel will have the final decision on the winning entry. Results will be calculated confidentially and announced at the gala awards presentation dinner on Thursday 27th September 2018.


I confirm that efforts will be made to ensure representative(s) of our enterprise will be available to attend the gala presentation awards dinner on Thursday 27th September 2018 in the event that our awards entry is shortlisted as a finalist. 


I confirm that as per the Rules outlined in the awards entry website, if my entry is shortlisted our company will commit to attend the Gala Presentation Dinner on 27th September 2018 with a minimum of 5 tickets


The categories of the 19th Annual Business Awards reflect the priorities and achievements of the business community within Singapore and beyond. Entrants may choose from a single or multiple categories to enter, in which case the entry details provided on each submission should be relevant to the specific category.

UK & Singapore in ASEAN

Celebrating Singapore's Chairmanship of ASEAN for 2018, this unique award recognises organisations which compete and do business in all three markets. Judges will be looking for impact on the national economy & workforce, collaboration examples and achievements across multiple jurisdictions. This category will feature live voting by the audience during the Gala Presentation Dinner on 27th September 2018. For those shortlisted as a finalist in this category, please refer to the Rules for further information required.



Start-Up Excellence

This award recognises companies who were incorporated less than 5 years ago (from 1st May 2018). Judges will be looking for organisations that showcase vast development & achievements based on growth, innovation and impact with their product/services.

Future Leaders

This award is the only category to be awarded to an individual and may be entered through self-submission or by nomination. Entrants must be aged 30 or under. Judges will recognise the remarkable young professionals based in Singapore who have demonstrated strong leadership and potential for the future through their actions, contributions and impact on others.

Customer Experience

This award recognises organisations that deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout the customer journey, both online and offline. Judges will be looking for evidence that organisations have created & implemented a strategy that has benefited both the business and their customers with measurable & demonstrable results.

Diversity & Inclusion

This award recognises an organisation's exceptional contribution towards improving diversity & inclusion within their industry. Judges will recognise organisations that demonstrate a holistic & long-term commitment to equality and have delivered significant progress in both creating a diverse & inclusive workplace, as well as pushing the inclusion agenda forwards.


Digital Innovation

This award represents the pinnacle of the digital revolution, encouraging and recognising those organisations who are pushing the limits of what is possible, as well as making a difference in business, culture and society. Judges will be looking for best-in-class technology and entrants must show why their work is innovative.

Our Annual Business Awards judges are at the height of their industry to ensure our winners are the best in class. The British Chamber of Commerce maintains the following formal judging process.




The Annual Business Awards opens for entries on 14th May 2018 and closes on 29th June 2018, when the judging process will begin. All entries are eligibility checked to ensure they meet the required criteria of their category before being benchmarked for shortlisting.




Our Annual Business Awards committee consider all entries against the criteria of each category and independently judge each entry on a scoring basis. The highest scoring entries will be shortlisted as finalists in their category. Up to 5 companies may be shortlisted in each category.




Our expert judges consider all shortlisted entries and make their final winner selection in each category. The judges decision is final. 'The UK & Singapore in ASEAN' category will feature weighted voting from the judges plus audience voting at the Gala Presentation Dinner on 27th September 2018. 


Entering the Annual Business Awards is easy. Simply upload your video along with a one-page summary of your company, or just a written version, on our website.


What are the Annual Business Awards?


Open to all, the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Awards welcome applications from all businesses and sectors, regardless of size and industry, in a celebration of business excellence and high levels of achievement. 


How do I enter and what do I need to include?


To enter, you can submit a brief elevator-pitch style video, up to 3 minutes long, showcasing your success in the chosen category, and/or a written entry. The criteria for each category can be found on the awards pages of our website. All qualities of video are acceptable at this initial entry stage. All videos should be accompanied by a one-page summary document of the company and initiative(s) as described on the entry form. Submissions must be made on the British Chamber of Commerce website.


If you are entering the UK & Singapore in ASEAN category, please note that shortlisted finalists must make themselves available for a professional video to be filmed in their location to be used for live voting at the Gala Presentation Dinner.


Can I enter more than one category?


You can enter as many categories as you wish, providing you meet the set category criteria and provide a unique entry relevant to each one. 


Will entries be treated confidentially?


Of course. All entries and information submitted to the Annual Business Awards are treated in the strictest of confidence and viewed only by the shortlisting committee and judges. Professional videos created for shortlisted finalists of the UK & Singapore in ASEAN category will be made visible to the public at the awards ceremony and may form part of the British Chamber's marketing campaign(s).


Where do I send my entry?


All entries must be submitted online at www.britcham.org.sg/annualbusinessawards.


Is there a fee to enter the Awards?


Entering the Annual Business Awards is free of charge.


Can I attend the awards ceremony even if I do not enter, or I am not shortlisted as a finalist?


Of course, we encourage all to attend and celebrate the achievements of their peers in business excellence.


What can I expect at the Gala Presentation Dinner?


The Annual Business Awards Gala Presentation Dinner is a night to remember, regardless if you have entered or not. Your colleagues and clients will enjoy the best in hospitality, cuisine and event production with opportunities new to 2018 for you to get involved in voting on the night.


How can I keep up to date with the latest Awards news?


Look for out updates on the British Chamber of Commerce website, newsletters and our social media channels.


Who should I contact with any questions?


You can contact us via the methods below:


29th JUNE 2018